Navy SEAL Under Investigation for 2017 Execution of Detainee in Iraq

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A Navy SEAL is incarcerated at Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar awaiting charges stemming from a 2017 execution of a man during detention in Iraq. Becuase he’s not yet been formally charged, the military news media is not releasing his name.

“A service member currently assigned to a Naval Special Warfare unit is under investigation by NCIS for professional misconduct while deployed to Iraq in 2017.” Naval Special Warfare spokeswoman Cmdr. Tamara Lawrence

In an email to Navy Times, the USN sent this information:

“All members of Naval Special Warfare are required to comply with the Law of Armed Conflict and U.S. law and regulations in the conduct of military operations.

Naval Special Warfare strives to maintain the highest level of readiness, effectiveness, discipline, efficiency, integrity, and public confidence. All suspected violations for which there is credible information are thoroughly investigated. “

The Navy Times reported that graphic details of the alleged execution by “blade” were told to them by 7 officials at 5 flag commands.

According to the Navy Times:

“Typically, an Article 32 hearing to sift through the evidence against the SEAL would be held in San Diego under the authority of Navy Region Southwest. A hearing officer would be instructed to recommend whether criminal charges should be filed and a general court-martial convened by an admiral.

Navy Region Southwest officials told Navy Times that an Article 32 hearing has not been scheduled yet…

…He’s being held under Rules for Court-Martial 305, which gives commissioned officers the authority to physically confine enlisted service members when a reasonable amount of probable cause exists to try someone under military law.”

His name has not yet been released, and we will update this article when more information has been forthcoming. The circumstances of this pending charge have also not been released.


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