Navy SEAL, Member of Elite Parachute Team Dies in Accident

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It was New York City’s Fleet Week, when exhibitions of everything from jets to parachutists were to take place over the Hudson River. But when one Navy SEAL’s parachute malfunctioned, attendees couldn’t do anything to help as the man plunged to his death in the Morris Canal. The SEAL was identified as Remington Peters.

The “Leap Frogs” are the Navy SEAL’s elite parachute team that does exhibitions around the country. This Memorial Day weekend, Remington’s parachute malfunctioned during an exhibition at Jersey City’s Liberty State Park. An investigation is ongoing into the incident.

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SOFREP reported,

The Navy SEAL was a member of the Navy’s “Leap Frogs,” which bills itself as the “United States Navy’s Parachute Team.”  The team is made up of SEALs and other Naval Special Warfare personnel, and was performing as part of Fleet Week, which takes place in the greater New York City area from May 26 to May 29 this year.

According to WABC, the SEAL fell into the Morris Canal off of the Hudson River after he cut away from his malfunctioning parachute during a demonstration jump.  The injured jumper was quickly removed from the water just after noon on Sunday by local first responders and the Coast Guard.  He was taken to Jersey City Medical Center but was sadly pronounced dead shortly after 1:00 PM.

 The Military Times reported that from 2011-2016, 11 Special Operators  died in parachute training accidents.
The sadness felt by families of loved ones who have experienced an unexpected loss such as this is something only they can truly understand. Our hearts grieve with them. Fair Winds and Following Seas, Remington Peters.
Featured image: Part of Fleet Week in New York. Screenshot

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