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A predictive strategy……. either is, or should be.

Trump’s strategy for signing the budget without complete wall funding is like him playing 4-D Chess. But there may be a plan in place and if true, it’s bigger than we think.

Democrats could over reach and claim a victory, and they will do so loudly.

The media will also claim victory loudly, and feel that they are now going to go “in for the kill.”

Wall money

What’s Trump’s strategy for getting less than $5 billion? He’s got one, and no doubt saw this coming a long way off.

— First, he signs the bill (showing bipartisanship). It’s part of the setup – him coming off his hard-nosed position. It makes them think he’s vulnerable. He’s showing them a little ‘red meat.’

— Then he may declare a national emergency. This is a man who built a billion dollar business – he knows what he is doing.
He’ll get substantially more money for the wall from an emergency.

— He’s told us from the beginning that he’ll get Mexico to pay for the wall. People didn’t understand that. But El Chapo’s assets were seized – billions of them. Hence, getting “Mexico to pay for it.”

Strategic maneuver

The vote over the wall gets all of DC to show its colors, both Republican and Democrat. The people can unify behind it and “primary” scores of officials from their positions.

He is thinking ahead to past 2020. Winning the election will mean taking on the establishment full blast: the swamp/deep state, and the treason that has plagued the United States since the Obama/Clinton years. Trump always told us that he loves America and didn’t want to see it destroyed. So if he wins in 2020, he’ll go on a full court press to eradicate that problem.

This is not just about a wall or a small win, he is going to maneuver the whole Democratic Party (and establishment, swamp Republicans) for destruction – a loss for them so big as yet unseen in politics.

Iran, Russia, China: the new “Axis”

While we’re embroiled in political battles here at home, we could end up in a new battle as foreign powers take the opportunity to hit us hard. Military leaders have already warned about this possibility, but we’ve been “busy.” ‘We the People’ might have to be in a global war against a resurgent AXIS due to the civil unrest that will spur on a unified attack upon the United States because of this strategy.

Reversal of his plans – they’ll try to kill him

There will be a large concerted effort to assassinate Donald TRUMP. …. And that can be sooner than you think.

American Exceptionalism has consequences. STAND BEHIND THIS PRESIDENT. It’s our only shot at this.

“….. For Something Wicked This Way, Comes”

Benjamin Smith, Navy SEAL Veteran (Follow him on Facebook)


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  • Marilyn Harris

    So well written and hit the nail on the head.

  • Randy Wildman

    Great article Ben, keep them up.

  • Debra Cuomo

    From your lips to God’s ear

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