Navy “Make Aircrew Great Again Patches”: Morale Booster or Leftist Overreaction?

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When President Trump visited the USS Wasp while he was in Japan on May 28, several Naval aircrew members wore patches that said “Make Aircrew Great Again” with a likeness of the President in the center (Fox). Cue the furor. Now the Navy says it is looking into the issue to see whether it was a violation of the USN dress code. But…the President is not just an ordinary politician. He is the Commander in Chief.

One Twitter user said it best: “Too much over reaction here. Given how polarized the country is, it’s right for Navy to look into it, but it’s likely patch was just a humorous statement about squadron morale given the visitor. Was this smart? No. But it’s not outrageous either.” Amy McGrath, retired Marine F/A-18 pilot.

No, President Trump didn’t “make” anyone wear the patches. He didn’t even provide them to the servicemembers to wear. It is a common practice for service personnel to wear what are called “morale patches.” Given the presence of the President of the United States these Naval aircrew members likely wanted to make a light-hearted statement. But they forgot about the leftist jerks who have no sense of humor and love to punish our military for trying to have one.

Troops across the military services have long worn unofficial insignia, known as morale patches. Often boasting humorous themes, the patches are widely available for purchase online and in military supply stores. Though such patches are officially barred by uniform regulations, they can be approved by troops’ chains of command.

It was not clear Tuesday whether the “Make Aircrew Great Again” patches had been approved by the sailors’ commanders. It was also unclear where the sailors had obtained the patches.

Monday was not the first time that the patches have made an appearance on the uniform sleeves of Navy airmen. A helicopter crew chief was photographed by Stars and Stripes in July 2018 wearing the same patch at Barking Sands Missile Range in Hawaii during Rim of the Pacific naval exercises. The Pentagon, itself, shared a photo on social media of a sailor wearing the same patch in 2017.

Stars and Stripes

So what should they do, ‘draw and quarter’ the sailors for enjoying the President’s visit? This same sort of hate-fest occurred in December when President Trump visited an Air Force base and servicemembers brought MAGA hats for him to autograph. People completely freaked out and screamed for the men and women to be disciplined. The USAF found the whole thing to be blown out of proportion.

The sad fact is, the harder the anti-Trumpers in both the military and in public scream, the more our troops need our support. Yes the patches weren’t “regulation.” Yes they’ll probably get raked over the coals…but they knew that going in and did it anyway. He’s the President of the United States and they might not get a chance to see him again. (Yes, libs, he’s still the President. Tough).

“Make Aircrew Great Again” patches are not the end of the world. Iran might try to do that all by themselves. We have thousands of illegal aliens flooding across our border. Don’t you think we have more important things to worry about than a few non-regulation patches in support of the Commander in Chief?

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  • A. Citizen

    If people and (politicians especially) spent as much time and energy trying to help the American people, as they have trying to obstruct and tear down one person, AMERICA WOULD BE GREAT AGAIN!

    Do your jobs, and stop acting like a bunch of school girls. You have an enormous responsibility. Grow up!

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