Navy Denies any Charges Against Chattanooga LtComdr

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The Navy has denied that they are bringing charges against Chattanooga LtComdr Timothy White for shooting at the terrorist who killed 5 military members at the recruiting office. They are denying any plans to charge him, but at the same time they say it’s “still under investigation.”  Calling the initial report by Col. Allen West “untrue” may or may not be applicable.

chattanooga ltcomdr

Lt Commander Tim White- Navy says so far-at this time- no charges

No charges

“Stories of Navy personnel being charged with an offense are not true. There is still a long way to go in reviewing the facts of this tragic incident, but at this time we can confirm no service member has been charged with an offense.” Commander William Marks

Note the words “at this time.” According to the Navy Times,

While officials are not ruling out charges, multiple Navy sources said it was highly unlikely that White would be charged or reprimanded, which would likely trigger a public backlash and create the possibility of a highly charged court-martial.

The Navy has launched a preliminary inquiry, independent of the FBI investigation, that will examine all aspects of the mass shooting at the Navy Operational Support Center Chattanooga that took the lives of four Marines and one sailor. The review will also examine the security of off-base military facilities around the country.

After Colonel West published his article, and the rest of alternative media picked it up immediately, all sorts of mayhem erupted. Even Snopes put out a disclaimer that the report was untrue. Were they a little worried?

The reality

The reality of this is that the Lt. Commander violated  the rules by having his personal firearm in his possession. That IS a court martial offense. However, the negative publicity would be highly destructive to the public’s perception of the  Navy- and we suspect just the hint of it from Col. West’s article may have created back pedaling even by his sources.

Perhaps the Colonel released it that way to prevent any action by the Navy against Lt. Cmdr White. But let’s see if the Lt Commander is reprimanded or punished in any way for his breach of policy.






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