The National Walk Out Day Bottom Line – Pushed by Leftists

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Numerous stories stated that George Soros bankrolled the National Walkout Day. He denies it, but says he “supported” the walk out. There are, however numerous left wing organizations that have actually pushed it, and some of them ARE connected to Soros’

Planned Parenthood

First we have Planned Parenthood, the organization that has murdered MILLIONS of children who never had a chance to grow up. But they’re supposedly “worried” about gun violence taking the lives of children. Give me a break.

Teacher’s Unions

Then we have notoriously left wing Teacher’s Unions touting the idea that these kids “spontaneously” decided to protest for gun control. Not. There was nothing “spontaneous” about a choreographed, planned, sponsored demonstration. With the full backing of these unions and pressure to continue the narrative…

Randi Weingarten is the head of the AFT- American Federation of Teachers-Union. Please note that the AFT is one of 527 organizations connected to George Soros’

This screenshot of just a few of the organizations connected to and the foundations’ contributions to them. Information via, Center for Responsive Politics. Left column is the receipts of donations, right column is the expenditures.

And though the NEA (National Education Association) union requested that teachers make sure they appeared to support the walk out as “individuals,” most were blatantly for it to the exclusion of students who were against the whole agenda.

Where do you think the cutesy chants came from? “Say Nay to the NRA” “Enough is enough”  – they’ve been pushed by the leftist organizations for a long, long time.

Should teachers be allowed to literally lobby students for their Communist/Socialist agenda? They’ve never told these kids about Venezuela’s gun control disaster. They’ve never mentioned the Nazi gun control issue during WWII and they’ve not understood the implications. They’ve never seen the victims of Socialist/Communist governments be buried in mass graves. They’ve never told the students about the mass shootings in Norway, Israel, Venezuela, Cuba and others. They have used the students as pawns – or human shields- to advance an agenda that demonizes the NRA and guns (oh, and the President).

Note the upraised fist symbol at the bottom of this poster – recognize it?

It’s one of the symbols of Communist ‘Workers’ used to express defiance.

Opposition to the liberal agenda

Breitbart wrote about two parents who work hard to remove the fingers of the leftist propaganda masters from the schools:

“What better setup for another tragedy, than to announce when there will be hundreds of children – yes, children – allowed by school authorities to leave the safety of their secure classrooms and exit to the unsecured outside campus?…
Couple that with the left’s righteous claim of exercising First Amendment rights – wait for it – to protest the existence of Second Amendment rights,” Huber adds. “And while you attempt to square that position, the voice of the ‘reasonable’ continue to proclaim that a 15-17 year-old is mature enough to determine that an 18-21 year-old is not mature enough to own a firearm.” Heidi Huber, Ohio parent

“… the student walkouts are an example that the radical left has stooped to a new low with this latest stunt of using minors to fight their battles…Asking them to disrupt learning time, during the regular school day, to make a political statement is unconscionable. It shows what little regard national organizers actually have for the students whose individual schools they hope to destabilize or for the adults who are charged with running them.” Heather Crossin, Indiana parent to Breitbart

It’s past time, America, for you to rise up against these elites and their agenda against our kids.

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