National Harbor, MD – Car Ramming Attack by Lone Wolf Terrorist Thwarted

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Rondell Henry, 28, was charged in Federal Court on April 8 with interstate transportation of a stolen vehicle, which he planned to ram into “disbelievers” at the National Harbor in Maryland.

The use of a vehicle to ram into crowds of people was a tactic of ISIS and often put in their magazine as a valid method of taking out the “infidels.” Rondell Henry planned to just “keep driving and driving through a crowd of people.” According to the court documents, he was “inspired” by what he read online.

The vehicle that Henry stole in order to commit murder

According to the US Attorney’s Office:

According to the detention memo, for two years, Henry has harbored “hatred” for those who do not practice the Muslim faith.  Allegedly inspired by videos he watched of foreign terrorists, Henry decided to conduct a vehicular attack, similar to the 2016 truck attack in Nice, France, for which ISIS claimed responsibility.  After stealing the van, Henry drove around, arriving at Dulles International Airport in Virginia at approximately 5:00 a.m. on Wednesday, March 27, 2019.  The government’s motion for detention alleges that Henry exited his U-Haul and entered the terminal, trying to find a way through security, allegedly to harm “disbelievers” in a way designed for maximum publicity.  After more than two hours of failing to breach Dulles’s security perimeter, Henry allegedly returned to the U-Haul.

According to the motion for detention, Henry then drove the U-Haul from Virginia to the National Harbor in Maryland, arriving around 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, March 27.  The motion for detention alleges that Henry parked the U-Haul and walked around a popular part of National Harbor.  According to the motion for detention, Henry finally broke into a boat to hide overnight.

By the following morning, Thursday, March 28, police officers had discovered the location of the stolen U-Haul.  When Henry leapt over the security fence from the boat dock, observant Prince George’s County Police officers arrested him.

You can read the motion for detention at this link.

USA Today reported that this type of terrorist – the lone wolf- is the most difficult to find or even prevent them from attacks.

“What we’re seeing is an increase in the number of homegrown terrorists using very, very primitive tactics against random targets … The reason we’re seeing this is there is an exhortation from these jihadist groups like Al Qaeda, like ISIS, to inspire homegrown terrorist to do whatever they can, where ever they are.

“They’re extremely difficult to prevent. It’s a single individual. There’s no intelligence system. There’s no radar for a man’s soul.”
Brian Jenkins, director of the Mineta Transportation Institute’s National Transportation Safety and Security Center


Great that police were able to arrest this terrorist prior to the carnage he planned.

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