National Guard Kneels to Protesters. Does Kneeling Solve a Problem or Make it Worse?

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A video posted on Twitter showed that the Calif National Guard  kneels to protesters in Hollywood, California. Protesters tried to convince them to march with them, but they opted to kneel instead. Did it solve the problem, or was it bad “optics”?

UPDATE: We received a note from someone who said the National Guard kneels event was staged, as the uniforms didn’t match his own. We cannot verify at this time – all of the posts are from different people across the political spectrum, and local news did carry it. We’re all beginning to think that nothing is ever what it seems anymore.


The National Guard kneels – bad optics. Twitter users responded to the Twitter video,

“They are in violation of the UCMJ and DoD directives regarding participating in political events while in uniform. They should be punished swiftly and severely.”

“This is demeaning and humiliation, who demands submission from an extension of the military?”

“Agreed. Also I do not understand “taking a knee” after George Floyd was killed by an officer doing basically the same action? How is taking a knee, post Floyd, showing anything but support for Chauvin and his action of using his knee for murder?”

“Bending your knee has to be the most degrading thing you can do to yourself and to your country.”

“This carries risk; should that area become unruly later tonight, the “protesters” may think they are in no real problem with this guard unit because they kneeled and may escalate situation. Terrible optics, terrible policy.”

“Virtue Signaling seems to be more contagious than COVID.”

The battle between right and left was evident on Twitter, as some users thought it was great for the soldiers to kneel in order to “diffuse” the situation. But does acting in a subservient manner ever actually do that? No. This is participation in propaganda.

Actress Keke Palmer urged a group of National Guardsmen patrolling the streets in Los Angeles, Calif., to leave their post and march with demonstrators. The men said they could not leave their assigned post but agreed to kneel in solidarity. While some praise law enforcement for kneeling others say it is not enough. NBC

One protester named “Wes” told a National Guard member, “We’re all human beings. I know we share the same humanity. But when you wear that uniform, you become part of the system.”

Propaganda.  The National Guard is part of our communities. But the more this kind of rhetoric advances, the harsher people will become on both sides. They were not in “solidarity” with the protesters – they were participating in propaganda.

“The plan is set in place. We have seen this before, whether by intimidation or peer pressure. If the enemies of our Republic have control of our Military to push their agenda, everything we do is futile.
The Military is supposed to be restricted from making official statements about political issues, participating in public events while in uniform in any context where that may be construed as an official endorsement of a party, organization, movement, or cause, by the UCMJ.
Remember when a Naval Air Crew got into trouble for wearing a patch of President Trump?  The bottom line is our enemies are winning and George Soros is laughing as members of our military fall in line with his agenda.
We have seen this before in Venezuela and other countries.  We are in a civil war for the minds and hearts of America – it may be too late to save us.”  Rick Ferran, Marine Veteran, CEO Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children

This must stop immediately, and the person in command of that National Guard unit punished for falling in line with the anti-American agenda. If the National Guard does nothing about this, then we will know it’s too late for America.

“Our leaders are kneeling before the mob, the atavistic ritual of self-abasement of defeat. Suddenly, many are performing this ritual, including police around the country.

The mob wants victory. But more than that, it wants the total humiliation of its enemies.” Tucker Carlson, Fox

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    I think they were order to do this,But if they weren’t than it was a way of saving their legs from getting to tired standing up all the time.

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