NASCAR Rejects Gun Ads, Sliding Left, or Seeing Reality?

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Here’s another TANK RANT for our Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children Tribe. By now you have heard that NASCAR rejects gun ads or any second amendment ads.

I watched some of the talking heads in the second amendment community attack NASCAR for their decision. Now you know my stand when it comes to the second amendment and our right to bear arms, but what baffles me is the irony when I see talking heads in the second amendment community sitting on thrones of the NRA’s no back bone establishment that has been the leader of the politically correct mafia instead of those who actually support the right to bear arms.

These are the same folks who have done all they could to shy away from people in the right to bear arms movement who have a more libertarian approach to self defense. Look, I don’t watch NASCAR, or ever care to sit for hours watching cars go by but I hear it’s a thing with some folks, so if I am going to see folks on the gun rights movement attack NASCAR for their decision, let’s actually look at the facts.

NASCAR FactThey’re losing viewers

NASCAR fans are aging. For Daytona 500 race last month, for example, 2.316 million Fox viewers, or 25%, were between the ages of 18 and 49. For the same race in 2018, 2.671 million viewers between the ages of 18 and 49 made up almost 29% of the total audience.

The increase of nearly 5,000 in streaming viewers for Daytona last month does not make up for the telecast loss of 127,000 viewers, of course, but the number of streaming customers did rise by 10%, over a telecast loss of 1.3%. NASCAR can hang a hat on that.

The 2018 season was rough for NASCAR. Cup races drew an average of 3.3 million on Fox and NBC and their cable sports affiliates last year, a nearly 20% drop from a 4.1 million in 2017 and a nearly 27% drop from 4.5 million in 2016. (Forbes) Are they trying to survive in this liberal infested age with vanishing demographics?

LET’S BE REAL FOLKS!! The gun industry, unless something drastically changes in the next few years, won’t have a place on these large social media platforms to promote or advertise any items related to guns or the 2nd amendment. We hear every day one gun company loses their page on social media just by being who they are for nothing to do with promoting their product.

Banks, Paypal, etc, are dropping gun shops and anything related to guns. The NRA themselves, including some gun companies, shy away from controversial topics… even topics that relate to disarmament or gun owners. Some gun companies, and these numbers grow every year, actually support gun control measures.

Google censors gun items or gun sales; there’s not a single TV network that will show gun ads of any type. Sports teams in schools who are involved in any gun raffles or business doing gun giveaways like small Ford Dealers are demonized by the leftist media.

Tribe, even we have RINO veterans who support red flag laws.

So, what about NASCAR? NASCAR like any other business is doing whatever they can to survive under the current climate we live in. If NASCAR doesn’t play ball, there won’t be any NASCAR in 3 more decades, just some underground low stage Mickey Mouse events with a few hundred people.

That’s right, tough love and let’s be real. This is all our own doing. Stop pointing the finger at anyone but ourselves. Until we all realize only we have the power to show these people the truth,  nothing much is going to get done, just slowing down the process of our eventual demise.

While folks are losing their minds over NASCAR I am over here like, shit man, how the hell do we get the schools to go back and start teaching cursive because in two more decades our future generations won’t be able to learn these things. They can’t read the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution now…what will it be like in the future?

The NRA could have a great opportunity to actually use their gun shows to educate. You would be amazed how many gun grabbing thinkers attend these shows. There should be large convention rooms that people have to walk through and out of before actually entering the shows where I would showcase images and videos and even actual witnesses of the crimes of nations with disarmament. It would be where people could ask them questions and learn from those who have survived such perils. Imagine that idea.

If you still want to hate NASCAR or boycott them it’s your freedom to do so… but remember we must do more for ourselves as gun owners and choose our fights accordingly to win this war that has been set upon the altars of liberty and freedom.

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Thank you again my Tribe, keep your powder dry and God bless our Republic.

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  • Tony

    I hope NASCAR goes broke

  • Robert Wood

    NASCAR is nothing but a total and complete waste of Natural Resources. Everybody’s Talkin about people coming to take your guns, how do they propose to implement this? What are they just going to take as many cops as they can get together and lay Siege to neighborhoods? I think the cost would be much too dear for them to pay. Besides that just presuming that they can completely disarm us is fantasy

  • Tod Michael Neidt

    NASCAR makes business decisions.

  • Dan

    Here’s how “they” will grab American’s guns: 1st, Go to any small community and knock on the door of a well respected gun owner, hard charge and arrest him and grab his guns. 2nd, Then tell the lame stream media he is a terrorist, they’ll run with that and have him convicted before that evening’s newscast, 3rd, Make sure he is put away for a very long time. 4th, Then announce to the remaining sheeple to turn in their guns telling them they have 30 days to comply or they will treated just like the poor guy above. I’d bet there would be a 95% compliance rate!!!

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