NAS Pensacola Military Ceremony to Honor the Fallen

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Rick at Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children received a note from a USMC Private 1st Class stationed at NAS Pensacola. He wanted us to know about the NAS Pensacola Military ceremony conducted at the base on December 7. He wanted the families and friends of the fallen to know that the US Marine Corps is behind them in their grief.

“I just want the families to have a chance at seeing that Marine Corps is behind them and supporting them.”

Three sailors died, and 8 others wounded when the Saudi shooter went on a rampage at NAS Pensacola on December 6.

Hundreds of service members wore their dress blues for the flag ceremony. The Private told us he didn’t want or need recognition for the photos, but his name is listed in an article in the Pensacola News Journal.

Here are some of the other photos he sent, along with a couple of videos:

What appears to be a wall in the background of this photo is actually a line of Marines.

A wall of honor.

“Spit-shined shoes” and dress blues brought dignity to the ceremony. “Duty, honor, country”… these young Devil Dogs paid homage to the men who died as heroes on December 6.

There are few sights as powerful as lines of Marines in full dress uniforms. That line of Marines may just look like a wall of attractive uniforms to some of you, but as Marines, they are actually formidable American warriors.

Semper Fi, Marines!


All photos provided by the photographer for the expressed purpose of sharing.


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    Yo those are my pictures! Glad to see my pictures made an impact.

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