Naked man in hog barn – and a Toy that says “what the f***” (video)

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Larry William Henry, 65, was arrested after being found naked inside a hog barn in Manor Township, Pennsylvania. He was banned from that same barn back in 2011.

hog barn

Are these pigs waiting for their drinking buddy to come back? (file photo)

Obviously not Muslim

The intoxicated man told authorities that he “likes pigs.” And according to the court documents, he admitted to drinking a 6 pack of Hamm’s Beer. Hamm’s. Ironic.   (Hamm’s is now sold under the Miller/Coors Company out of Chicago – had to look that up. Didn’t even know they still made that brand.)

Henry was charged with indecent exposure, criminal trespass, defiant trespass and public drunkenness, according to court paperwork. He was released on $25,000 unsecured bail. They might want to secure the pigs, though.  His drinking buddies might miss him.


The offending toy that supposedly has a potty mouth

 Toy Story

Florida/New York -Then we have parents and grandparents complaining about a Minion toy from a McDonalds Happy Meal that they think says “WTF” – “what the fuck.” And at least two dads and a grandparent are livid about it.

Minions speak minionese, which is a muddled jumble of nonsense. They don’t swear. Or do they?  When a reporter took the toy out on the street and asked people what they heard, they didn’t bat an eye and didn’t seem to notice any swear words. But the grandparents came unglued at the toy’s speech, and said it was inappropriate.

But, of course, someone already knows and uses that word, or they wouldn’t have thought the plastic Minion was saying it. Kind of a catch-22, right? And if they’re saying it around their 3 year old child…well you know how kids are. And it’s not going to be McDonalds’ fault.

Of course now that people know what others think it says, that’s what they’ll hear. What you do think the minion is saying? I bet I already know…

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