Nairobi Attack: SAS Soldier Assisted Kenyan Forces

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The Nairobi attack at the DusitD2 hotel complex on Tuesday ultimately left at least 14 dead, including one British man and one American woman. But it was the presence of a British SAS Soldier that held the attention of many news media. He was also wearing a patch associated with Navy SEAL Team 3, which created numerous conflicting reports.

The man was identified as a British SAS member who had previously served in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to The Independent UK.

“This man carried out one of the wounded, and then went back and did that again. There was a lot of confusion, lot of people running around, but he stood out because he was a foreigner. He was very brave.” Witness to the attack

The Independent reported,

The soldier is part of a British training team based in Kenya and was at the scene mentoring Kenyan troops who had been deployed at the dusitD2 complex in the affluent Westlands area where the al-Shabaab team had smashed through security barriers, throwing grenades and spraying automatic rifle fire.

The Independent is not publishing details about the soldier’s identity for security reasons. He was spotted at the scene where, wearing a balaclava, camouflage body armour, and a dark blue top and jeans, he helped carry out stretchers, studied plans and directed sorties with Kenyan colleagues.

The SAS man was armed with a Canadian made C8 Diemarco assault rifle and a Glock pistol.

Some media reported that he was joined by Navy SEALs, but that may have been confusion from the patch he was wearing on the back of his gear. Not that we’ll ever really know.

The Drive reported that the SAS soldier may not have been the only Western Security operator there, as a contractor or law enforcement member who was wearing a vest that said “AGENT” on it, and a badge with an eagle, was spotted assisting a woman from the scene. They wrote that it isn’t uncommon for foreign personnel to assist the locals in such situations as the terror attack.

The attack began with a suicide bomber detonating his device, and the three remaining ones spraying the complex with gunfire.  Authorities stated that all attackers were “eliminated.” Al-Shabaab is an an affiliate of al-Qaeda.

Screenshot from CCTV footage of three attackers after the first one blew himself up

Featured photo: screenshot composite of the SAS member via The Sun UK

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