Mysterious Albuquerque Explosion, One Dead

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New Mexico – An Albuquerque explosion left one person dead and police trying to figure out what happened on Monday afternoon. The large explosion behind a strip mall in the area was “unidentified.” There were no other injuries.

The incident occurred at around 1 p.m. local time. KRQE reported,

“According to police, an Albuquerque Fire Rescue team was near the site when the explosion occurred. AFR and some of the Smith’s management went around the building and that is when they saw where the explosion took place and the deceased individual. 

Businesses in the area were then evacuated. The Albuquerque Bomb Squad is also currently on scene evaluating the area.” 

The businesses were told to “shelter in place” and then evacuated. Witnesses said they head a loud explosion.

Albuquerque police tweeted: “The area of Coors and Central has an active police presence due to an unidentified explosion. The business area is under shelter in place. Please stay in the media staging area for your safety.”

“One subject is deceased as a result of this explosion. No other injuries have been reported.”

“Explosion occurred behind the strip mall on the NW side of Coors and Central. Bomb Squad and are investigating. Updates will be posted when available.”


After evacuating the businesses, the Bomb Squad and police determined that no other threats to the public were identified at the scene, but the incident is under investigation. Police blocked off the entire strip mall, which consists of a pharmacy, a grocery store, and other businesses, according to KVIA.

Screenshot of twitter photo by JC Coat

The deceased subject was found behind a business at the mall, and police do not yet know what caused the explosion. Police have not yet released the identity of the deceased person.

Featured photo of Albuquerque police giving initial information. “We’re trying to learn what happened here.”

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