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Muslims Mobilizing for 2016 Elections – What about you?

CAIR Executive Director and Founder Nihad Awad gave a speech at the MAS-ICNA Muslim conference on January 3. In it, he charged Muslims to vote.  He also suggested establishing a PAC- Political Action Committee because non-profits are not allowed to endorse candidates. If we sit on our butts in this election, we could be in serious trouble.


Mobilizing Muslims

“What if those who are attacking Muslims today will be in the White House? America will be a different country. Life for American Muslims would be difficult.” Nihad Awad

Think about this: if there are 1 Million eligible Muslim voters, particularly in large cities, that sway in the vote could mean the election loss of good candidates who stand with us as Conservatives.  It’s time to get moving. If you know anyone of our political persuasion who is not registered, help get them registered NOW.

“We have to register every single Muslim to vote in 2016. The Muslim vote can be the swing vote in major states. The swing votes, brothers and sisters you know them: Florida, Ohio. Do we have people from Florida here? Do we have people from Virginia, Colorado, Nevada, Iowa, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania? These are predicted to be the seven swing states in 2016 presidential election. The number of Muslims in these states is growing.” Nihad Awad

‘The number of Muslims in these states is growing’

Why isn’t this video plastered all over the media? Because it’s favorable to Muslims. Because the mainstream media doesn’t see it as a problem.

Mr. Awad is right about one thing but from a different perspective: if pro-Muslim candidates win in this fall’s election, America will be a ‘very different country.’

Gather the patriots, start getting them registered.  Meet and educate yourselves about the candidates and what they really stand for, remembering that some of them are not above lying to get into office. Some of them will be actively courting these Muslim votes. Pay attention.

The video below of Awad’s speech is from MEMRI- Middle East Media Research Association

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