Tolerance – Muslim Terrorist in Amsterdam Vandalizes Jewish Restaurant

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In the “tolerant” Netherlands, Saleh Ali was released from custody a little over one day and a half after he smashed the windows of a Jewish restaurant on December 7 with a baseball bat while screaming “allahu akbar.” And charges were filed against the business owner’s lawyer for releasing information about the jihadist.

The police stood by watching the act, only confronting the man after he had damaged the restaurant.

Saleh Ali, 29, is a refugee. Jihad Watch reports he was a Palestinian from Syria, possibly born in Damascus. (He was carrying a Palestinian and Israeli flag during the attack.) He entered Holland without vetting, because you know, that would be “Islamophobic.” He lied to Dutch Immigration authorities about being trained by Palestinian factions, and bragged to police that he had fought with ISIS and was well trained in the use of weapons. When asked if he would commit another act of violence, he emphatically stated “yes” and that he was willing to die as a martyr for “allah.”

But Dutch prosecutors have charged the business owner’s lawyer with releasing that information. They said releasing that information was “inappropriate.”

The terrorist is out of jail, in spite of his promise to commit other acts of violence. While in court, Ali stated, “I am like a volcano, I can erupt at any time. This attack was only the first step. I will not tell you what the next step is.” Naturally, the court let him go again. Once again, ‘not terrorism,’ just a mentally ill person.

This is the politically correct tolerance of Europe.

“The authorities did everything they could to cover up his attack. Not only did they let a Jihadist stay in the Netherlands, but the Amsterdam police watched as he smashed up a Jewish restaurant. Then he was released twice, despite vowing violence twice, and the only meaningful action in this case was taken against a Jewish civil rights activist who had revealed his terrorist past and his threats of future violence.” Daniel Greenfield Blog



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