Muslim Refugees – Crisis or Intentional Plot?

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Over the last year, since 2014, the amount of refugees fleeing ISIS in the Middle East has gone completely out of control. The agenda behind the “crisis” may not be what liberals or the mainstream media proclaim. What if for the Muslim refugees, it is “cultural jihad?”

muslim refugees

Refugees off the coast of the Greek Island of Rhodes – photo from Action Press

Are they coming for a “better life” or to destroy our way of life?

In a poll conducted back in earlier this year, 51% of the Muslims in America would prefer to be governed by Shariah Law. Nearly a quarter of the Muslims polled stated that, “It is legitimate to use violence to punish those who give offense to Islam by, for example, portraying the prophet Mohammed.”
So the question remains- why are they here? If they are coming for a “better life,” why do they prefer the life they left? It’s cultural jihad.
The higher the population of Muslims rises in America, the more hostile they become. They do not assimilate, they pollinate and infiltrate.
Those refugees who are are not Muslim are generally  Christian. They are fleeing genocide. Some have been shoved out of the refugee boats to drown in the Mediterranean. Some countries, like Greece and Hungary are saying no to the Muslims. Conflicts are becoming widespread in Europe, both between leaders searching for a solution, and the refugees themselves.
Drinking the “tolerance” Kool-Aid
In October of 2014, an article revealed that encrypted communications from ISIS had stated that they were sending “Trojan Horse” fighters to countries in the guise of “refugees.”

 From the Daily Mail:

ISIS is plotting to smuggle militants into Western Europe disguised as refugees so that they can launch devastating terror attacks, according to US intelligence sources.

Encrypted communications unravelled by American military intelligence have revealed that Islamic State leaders are planning to take advantage of the ‘chaotic conditions’ on the Syria-Turkey crossing.

Relaxed border controls would allow IS militants to blend in with the thousands of genuine refugees spilling over the border in search of safety, reports International Business Times.

Germany has drunk the Kool-Aid and is claiming that they can take in 500,000 refugees a year for several years. That’s one day after leadership in Hungary demanded that Germany close its doors. It is estimated in 2015, Germany will have welcomed over 800,000 Middle East refugees into its borders. Since there are already “no-go zones” in many European Countries, what will this do to Germany? It won’t be good.

Merkel likes the immigrants – not everyone shares that view.

Fox News wrote

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban warned in an interview with Austrian television late Monday that millions of refugees would descend upon the continent if what he called Germany’s “open door” policy continued. He also claimed that many who had passed through his country via the so-called “Balkan Corridor” were not in dire straits, but rather were attracted by Germany’s generous benefit programs. For that reason, Orban warned, the refugee surge risked placing an intolerable financial burden on members of the 28-nation E.U.

 Germany has yet to see any plan by jihadists in the Muslim Refugees. Neither, it seems, does the United States, as Obama is poised to accept 100,000 more Syrian refugees.
Let’s put it this way- had we destroyed our enemies in the beginning instead of giving them arms, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States would not be in this pickle.
Among the “refugees” are thousands of Islamists, guaranteed. They are here to transform Western nations. Will we continue to let them?

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