Muslim Hijacks Egypt Air Flight – To Deliver a Letter to His Wife?

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Muslim Hijacks Egypt Air Flight – To Deliver a Letter to His Wife?

Seif El Din Mustafa hijacked Egypt Air Flight 181 from Alexandria to Cairo on Tuesday, and held the entire plane full of passengers hostage. Wearing a fake explosives belt, he forced the plane to land in Cyprus at Larnaca International Airport…all because he ….loved his estranged wife, and wanted to deliver a letter to her??

Echoing the sentiments of Twitter users, this guy took the song “Love is in the air” a little too literally.

His estranged wife lives on Cyprus, apparently.

Five hours later, he was arrested after surrendering to authorities, who described him as “unstable.”  Now there’s a word.


According to CNN, passengers began to notice ocean beneath their plane, and that the short flight was taking too long. When the crew announced that the plane had been hijacked, the air crew did everything they could to keep the passengers calm amid the crying and panic.

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Twitter Photo of the hijacking of Egypt Air Flight 181

The suspect managed to get past security, but the fake explosives would not have registered.

A British passenger from Leeds, Ben Innes, who was one of the hostages, took a selfie with Mr. Mustafa. Ben is a health and safety inspector by trade. A bizarre sense of humor, that.


This incident could have been an horrific terrorist situation. That it ended peacefully just because a guy was lovesick is a good thing. All the passengers and crew are safe.

At first, Twitter seriously noted the event.

But as the incident was reported by major news media, the tweets became far more entertaining:

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