Muslim Gang Firebombs French Bus- Where’s the Media?

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A gang of Muslims stopped a bus in Saint-Denis outside of Paris on July 28, forced its five  passengers and driver to get out, and then threw Molotov cocktails inside. As the migrants screamed “allahu akbar,” the bus burned down to its frame. It was not reported outside of France until Wednesday, according to the Daily Caller. And even then it appears to have been ignored by America’s MSM.

The incident occurred in the Paris suburb of Saint Denis. You’ll recall that neighborhood as the place where the reported “mastermind” of the Paris attacks was killed along with his girlfriend who detonated her suicide belt during the police raid. The area has a large population of immigrants… and a high crime rate.

According to the Daily Caller,

The attack happened just after midnight on July 28 in the Paris neighborhood of Saint-Denis. Video shows a roadblock stopping the bus in the street and then a group of young males proceeding to throw Molotov cocktails into the city bus. The bus bursts into flames and burns down into a metal hull.

French publication Figaro reported that gang members told the bus driver and five passengers to get out of the bus before they threw the Molotov cocktails. 

muslim gang

A gang of Muslim migrants stopped a French Bus last week and threw Molotov cocktails into it

A Mayor’s request for help

The incident was referred to as “an act of vandalism, premeditated, free, and whose consequences could have been tragic” by Saint-Denis Mayor Didier Paillard.

The firebombing comes just after a Molotov cocktail nearly killed a worker on July 22, according to the Figaro news site.
The Mayor asked the French Interior Ministry for police resources to “match its population.”  He stated that  the high crime rate there “plagues the quality of life” of residents.

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