Muslim Activist Linda Sarsour Arrested at Trump Tower

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Muslim and Women’s activist Linda Sarsour was arrested today for disorderly conduct, (you know on the “Day without a Woman” protest) when she refused to obey police. The group was asked to disperse, they refused, so off to jail went 13 of them. Sarsour and about 1000 people went trolling Trump Tower in NYC and attempted to form a “human wall” around it.

Time reported,

The four main organizers of the Women’s March were among the protesters arrested during a New York City rally on International Women’s Day.

Tamika Mallory, Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez and Bob Bland were arrested early Wednesday afternoon after a day of loud but orderly protests for “A Day Without a Woman,” a strike the group organized to mark IWD. The organizers, as well as several other protesters, had been sitting in the street near the Trump Hotel at Columbus Circle, disrupting traffic. A representative for the four activists confirmed the arrests.

And boy are they proud of themselves for disrupting traffic, and failing to obey a dispersal order. No word on how many of them were fired for skipping work, but their protest did create hardships for daycares and other businesses.

Sarsour was one of the organizers of the “Women’s March.” They gathered in front of the Trump Tower to “protest the treatment of women.” Is this about Donald Trump’s “treatment of women?” Because he’s lifted many a woman out of the rut and brought them into solid success.

American women are free. They have opportunities never thought of 100 years ago. Their accomplishments were hard fought, yes. But these kinds of insidious “protests” serve only to divide.

If we could deport Linda Sarsour it would be nice to do so, since she is a terrorist sympathizer. But she was born in Brooklyn. She has all the rights of an American, complete with the freedom to be an instigator.

Read more about Linda Sarsour here:

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