Muhammad is a Pig! The Arrests at Temple Mount

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It started with one, then two, and now three Jews have been arrested for yelling “Muhammad is a pig!” at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. In all of the cases, Israelis were felt they were incited to yell the “slur” by Arabs who shouted incendiary remarks at the Jews. Muslims view the statement as insulting their prophet.

Jews went to the Temple Mount on Tisha B’Av to commemorate the loss of the two previous Temples. None of the Arabs have been arrested.

The arrest that started a riot

Avia Morris, 20, who was arrested Thursday for the religious slur, stated that the police did nothing as the Arab crowd shouted threats as they encroached on her group.

 temple mount

Avia Morris went to the Temple Mount with other women and children

“The police ignored our requests and said if we were to say one word they would take us down from the Mount and arrest us. They did not stop [the Arab mob’s] attempts to hurt our feelings and insult Judaism. Only after we began to respond, and I said ‘Muhammad is a pig,’ [did] the police distance them from us. Suddenly they were able to keep them at bay.” Avia Morris

Tensions have been at the boiling point in recent months as Israeli activists, tourists, and Muslims have clashed at the Temple Mount. Just after Tuesday’s arrest of the 3rd person, Arab youths threw rocks at Jewish vehicles parked near the Mount of Olives, shattering a windshield. No arrests were made on that incident.

Ms. Morris, a member of an activist group called “Returning to the Mount,” stated that Arab women  continually accosted the Jewish group with statements such as “Slaughter the Jews.”

“They wouldn’t stop insulting us. They didn’t stop offending our feelings and those of Jews. At some point, after more than an hour of taunts and insults, I decided to respond after things reached a climax.”

Continual tension and riots  at the Temple Mount

Access to the Temple Mount is severely restricted for Jews due to the tension. Muslims rioted on Sunday, which was reported by them as a direct reaction to Ms. Morris’ remark.

“The police were attacked immediately upon entering the Temple Mount compound by Palestinians armed with rocks, firebombs, fireworks and metal pipes. Using non-lethal means, officers pushed the assailants into Al-Aqsa Mosque – without entering it themselves – to secure the area, and to ensure visiting hours could take place without further incident.” Micky Rosenfeld, police spokesman

The Temple Mount has been closed to visitors on several occasions due to Arab violence. Since the Temple Mount is holy to Jews, Muslims, and Christians, but is in the possession of the Muslims, tensions are always high, particularly during Jewish holidays.

Temple Mount riot police Tisha B’ Av – July 26, 2015. Photo via Jerusalem Post

The Arab League will meet August 5 to discuss the tensions, among other issues. They warned Israel that recent deaths of youths at the hands of the IDF would lead to “serious decisions.”



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