Mueller Cover Up – Holding the FBI in Contempt

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The murky world of the deep state appears to be getting worse with a Mueller cover up. Robert Mueller removed FBI agent Peter Strzok from the Russian investigtion several months ago. Repeated requests by Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Intelligence committee, for reasons why fell on deaf ears even up to Dec 1. Then… the leak.

Breitbart reported:

“The following day, the New York Times and the Washington Post reported that Strzok had been kicked off Mueller’s team because of anti-Trump text messages that he was found to have exchanged with FBI lawyer Lisa Page during the 2016 presidential election. Strzok had also worked on the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s storage of emails, including classified information, on an illicit private server. She was not prosecuted.

In addition, Strzok and Page were found to have carried on an extramarital affair. Page worked for FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who conservatives have long complained had a conflict of interest because his wife received campaign funding from Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a close ally of the Clintons for decades.”

Nunes and the Committee had been trying to get information as to why since he was removed from the investigation. They found out about it when it was published by two left-wing news media. Classy.

Some of Mueller’s staff of lawyers in this probe donated to Hillary Clinton, and one had even done work for the Clinton Foundation.  There is no possibility of objectivity or truth with this group.

Blocking Congress and a Mueller cover up

“By hiding from Congress, and from the American people, documented political bias by a key FBI head investigator for both the Russia collusion probe and the Clinton email investigation, the FBI and DOJ engaged in a willful attempt to thwart Congress’ constitutional oversight responsibility.” Devin Nunes

Nunes is considering filing a contempt charge against the FBI if they “don’t come clean” by the end of December.

Strzok was in charge of the investigation into Clinton’s email server- she was never prosecuted. He was also a lead investigator in Mueller’s Russia probe.

Even Paul Ryan is said to be angry that the FBI has not revealed to what extent they have relied on the discredited “Trump Dossier” that was paid for by the DNC/Clinton team. He has also been highly unhappy that the FBI has not turned over information to the House Committee.

The FBI obviously has an anti-Trump element within it that speaks to the ‘deep state.’  We’d like to believe that the majority of FBI agents  just want to do their jobs and leave the politics out of it. But Mueller, Rosenstein, McCabe, and their Clinton-loving staff all need to go away. The corruption, collusion, and obstruction may be more widespread than we’d like to think.

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