Mt Fuji – 5 Marines Save Life of Japanese Woman

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It was the 4th of July weekend, and five US Marines decided to hike Mt. Fuji in Japan.  According to USMC, the five marines came upon a father and daughter, Yoshihiro and Moe Oda, who were in distress. Mr. Yoshihiro told them his daughter had to get down to medical help, but he had no vehicle to take her.

Cpls. Otto Thiele, Christopher Ehms and Eric Goodman and Lance Cpls. Antonio Martinez and Avelardo Guevara Osuna are with the III Marine Logistics Group, III Marine Expeditionary Force, which is based in Okinawa, Japan.

The woman was lying on the ground. She had a high fever and was shaking severely. The Marines immediately jumped into action, using their walking sticks and t-shirts to make a stretcher.

“For us, it was second nature. Immediately we [thought], ‘She needs to get down; let’s get her down.’ We were so calm during the situation.” Cpl Christopher Ehms

Ehms ran ahead to get help, as the others transferred the lady to their stretcher. Her body had gone limp and she had completely passed out. They moved down the steep, rocky slope as quickly and safely as possible… now without their walking sticks.

After they placed her in a vehicle, they wondered if she was going to be ok.

Two days later, a bystander who was there to help, notified  Cpl Goodman that the lady completely recovered and was discharged from the hospital. Yoshihiro also reached out to the Marines to thank them for their ingenuity and kindness in helping his daughter.

“We were all really worried about her. It was pretty touching to get that message.” Cpl Otto Thiele


Here is the video of the Marines receiving the Navy and Marines Achievement medal on July 11 for their actions. Only four Marines are shown in the video,  since LCpl Martinez was away on leave. He will receive  his award when he returns.



Mt Fuji is known for being steep and the air thin. Overexertion can cause the physical symptoms of AMS – Acute Mountain Sickness. Hikers are encouraged to take it easy and spend the night at one of the huts along the way. There is no information as to the actual physical issue experienced by the woman that was rescued.

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