MS-13 Murder, Sexual Torture, Kidnapping Case – Satanic Sacrifice?

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Houston, Texas – Two illegal immigrants, members of the dreaded Salvadoran MS-13 gang, were arrested for the kidnapping, torture, and murder of a teenager in what is being described as a satanic ritual. Police are actively looking for any other possible participants.

Three young women, ages 14-16, reportedly were influenced by the MS-13 gang members.  When they went to the men’s apartment, they were held against their will. One of the women was brutally murdered when she “disrespected” their shrine to satan. They held her down, tattooed her, sexually tortured her, then shot her to death.

The Houston Chronicle reported,

“The young woman, identified only as “Genesis” and thought to be 15, was found lying against a west Houston curb with gunshot wounds to her face and chest, authorities said. A man driving his kids to school found the body about 7 a.m. on Feb. 16. 

She was small and petite. She stood 5 feet tall, weighed 108 pounds and wore size 0 jeans. The medical examiner found three silver rings on her fingers, one with a playful pattern of elephants following each other with raised trunks and slight smiles.

The young woman was killed in a satanic ritual by two MS-13 members after she disrespected their shrine to Satanism, prosecutors said Thursday in court.”

The Medical Examiner at first had difficulty identifying “Genesis.” They used facial reconstruction in order to create a life-like face to start from.

Facial reconstruction of “Genesis”


Photo: Harris County Institute Of Forensic Science



From there, authorities have stated they believe they have identified her, but have not released her name. They did meet with her parents.

Two other girls, aged 14, survived the ordeal. Two of the girls had been reported missing.

MS-13 Gang members

The two Ms-13 gang members arrested on Friday are Miguel Alvarez-Flores, 22, and Diego Hernandez-Rivera, 18. Alvarez-Flores, also known as “Diabolico” was considered a local leader of the gang and allegedly directed Hernandez-Rivera to kill the woman.

La Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, is an exceedingly violent gang that began in El Salvador, but has now spread worldwide. Authorities say that the vast majority of them are in the US illegally.

Thirteen members of the gang were recently indicted on Long Island for seven counts of murder, along with charges that include racketeering, attempted murder, assault, obstruction of justice and arson.

A recent raid in California netted 12 of them.


Featured photo via Houston Police

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