Moon Jae-In, President of South Korea’s Meetings with Trump, Connection to USMC

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Moon Jae-In met with President Trump this week in a series of meetings over North Korea, Trade and other important issues. The South Korean President has a surprising connection to USMC – his parents were rescued by Marines during the Battle of Chosin Reservoir in the Korean War. So his first stop was to the USMC Chosin Reservoir Monument in Quantico, Virginia to lay a wreath and express his gratitude.

Marine General Joseph Dunford’s father fought with the 1st Battalion, 5th Marines during the Korean war.

Hungnam Evacuation – the Christmas Cargo

Moon Jae-in told a story from his mother (who is 90) of US Marines giving a single piece of candy as Christmas presents to the refugees at a time of war.

Stating that he was “deeply moved by the humanity” that the United States Military has shown for the world, he spoke of respect and honor to those who sacrificed so much during the Korean War.

In his statement he said that if the “Christmas Cargo”- the Hungnam evacuation-  had not taken place, he would not have been born.

“Though almost forgotten today, “The Ship of Miracles,” merchant vessel SS Meredith Victory served in the Hungnam evacuation, among other ships, she herself rescued more than 14,000 Korean refugees in a single sea-lift, although never meant to carry more than twelve passengers. She was loaded with jet fuel, under threat of impending attacks, in unknown mined waters and abrasive Korean winter.”

Trump’s meetings with the South Korean President appeared to be smooth, and a re-negotiation of trade between the two nations has been ongoing.

Moon Jae-in with President Trump

No announcement has been made about the deployment of the THAAD anti-missile system as yet.  But he did fulfill a life-long dream- to visit the Chosin Reservoir monument where so many US military members were memorialized for helping South Korea — and his parents–survive.

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