Monday Morning Shooting At Oklahoma Walmart

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Duncan, Oklahoma – A Monday morning shooting at an Oklahoma Walmart left three dead, including the gunman. The shooter killed himself when an armed bystander confronted him. The incident occurred in the parking lot of the store.

The shooter, dressed all in black, walked up to the vehicle where his wife was sitting with her new boyfriend and opened fire. According to witnesses, the suspect fired 9 rounds.

oklahoma walmart

screenshot via Reuter drone footage

And armed bystander saw what was happening and pulled out his weapon, confronted the suspect, who then turned the gun on himself.

“Officers from the Duncan Police Department said the wife and her boyfriend were found dead inside their car.

Family members at the scene say the shooting was sparked by a domestic dispute between the woman and her husband, but didn’t go into further details.” Daily Mail

So “domestic dispute” involved a wife, her boyfriend and a husband. Anyway you cut it, that can breed violence. It wasn’t random, it wasn’t an “active shooter” situation, it was targeted. It wasn’t some scary mentally ill individual, it was a pissed off husband who likely was abusive in the first place.

A good guy with a gun caused the carnage to stop.

That fact was lost on Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action. She started harping about parking lots should be gun free zones. (Like that would have prevented this…not even close). Her hatred of the NRA makes her a slave to delusion.

No gun law, no background check, nothing would have prevented this tragedy. Infidelity, domestic abuse, all of those things breed anger and violence.

Featured photo: Screenshot via Reuters drone video


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  • Johnny Redwine

    Guns don’t kill , people do! And a peace bond or restraining order is as good as the victim is able to protect themselves !

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