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The Clinton infiltration ‘oh what a tangled web they weave’ – A new day dawned with more Wikileaks revelations and now a plethora of officials are wondering why some of these moles are working on the Clinton investigation.

Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

That would be Andrew McCabe, whose wife received $675,000 in campaign donations for a failed political run from the PAC of a Clinton ally (Virginia Governor Terry McAuliff who was on the Board of the Clinton Foundation). By the way- McAuliff has also been under investigation by the FBI.

Now the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Jason Chaffetz, has taken the additional step of asking McCabe to recuse himself from the investigation. He previously wrote a letter to McCabe demanding to know when he was advised of the investigation into Hillary Clinton.

Timing is everything

The FBI on November 1 released over 100 documents on their investigation of into the pardon of Marc Rich, a fugitive who was pardoned by outgoing President Bill Clinton in 2001. That investigation was closed in 2005, and the records are heavily redacted.

The release of those documents was reportedly in response to an FOIA request, which they normally place on the vault when one is made. But some people are suspicious that it’s payback for the Clinton attacks on the FBI after the re-opening of the investigation.

An internal FBI memo was in the releases which stated:

“Indeed, the request for a pardon for Marc Rich and his business partner, Pincus Green, did not go through normal channels at the Justice Department but was sent directly to the White House. However, presidents are free to grant executive clemency outside the Justice Department channel and many presidents have done so.

The investigation was eventually handed off to Comey, who was White’s successor as U.S. attorney. Comey elected not to seek any charges in the case.”

Name sound familiar?

Then there’s Peter Kadzik- we wrote about him yesterday, but more released today.

Interestingly Peter Kadzik represented Rich in the pardon case. Denise Rich was said to have contributed to Democratic campaigns, perhaps with an eye to influence the pardon.

Kadzik was a defense attorney then, and is now the Assistant Attorney General of the United States. He gave John Podesta a heads up on the emails. Who’s gonna keep him out of jail?

We have an infestation, America, a concerted effort to manipulate the system and destroy the rule of law. James Comey re-opened the investigation into Hillary under extreme pressure from his own agents to do so. The Clintons are by no means the only corruption in America, but they are a giant-sized root of it.

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