MMA Champion Takes Down Antifa Woman

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Tara LaRosa is an MMA champion, and was live streaming a flag rally. (That’s Mixed Martial Arts for those who don’t know.) On November 10, an Antifa woman attacked a woman at a flag waving rally in Portland. LaRosa, who was livestreaming the event, put her phone in her pocket and intervened to stop the attack. The Antifa woman paid for her stupidity.

“Toward the end of our day, a woman came up & started berating us. She didn’t get a reaction from me so she moved on & attacked another women in our group. I had to break up a fight & put her down till the cops came. I had just started live streaming.” Tara LaRosa

LaRosa’s group had “Make America Great Again” clothing and some had Proud Boys insignias. The Antifa woman said they were “antagonizing” the city of Portland. Huh? Who attacked someone first? Antifa.

In the video shared by Andy Ngo, you can hear the woman scream “I can’t breathe” while LaRosa was sitting on top of her. Funny, if she can talk, she can breathe. And she was talking up a storm.

“I’m a professor.” As if a “professor” has any sway with an MMA champion. That’s sort of like telling a police officer he can’t give you a ticket because “I’m a professor.” Right. Suck it up, buttercup.

She said “You don’t know what Trump is! I don’t agree with Trump!”

Wow. So it’s ok to attack people you don’t agree with- that’s the same bs statement that Antifa and other radicals always use.

LaRosa attempted to make her understand that she wasn’t allowed to attack people.

“Don’t f–king attack anybody! If you get up, don’t attack anybody.” Tara LaRosa

“Stop f–king trying to fight. We’re not here trying to fight…We’re just here waving flags, celebrating Veterans’ Day.” Tara LaRosa

LaRosa told police that the woman injured her breast, and punched her 8-10 times.

The Antifa woman continued to blather her leftist garbage even after police came. No one was arrested at the time, but police did forward the information to the Multnomah County Prosecutor.

On Twitter user said it best:

“Damn her luck, she found people that will defend themselves and others around them.” ? Roger Moore

And therein is a lesson Antifa needs to learn, but likely won’t.

Featured photo: Screenshot of screaming Antifa woman via Andy Ngo


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    Hopefully Tara had her Rabies shots up-to-date.

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