Mistrial in LasVegas Bundy Case

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Chief U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro declared a mistrial in the Bundy case that stemmed from the armed standoff back in April of 2014. She dismissed the jury, not because of a deadlock, but because the prosecution failed to turn over key evidence to the defense.

Oregon Live reported,

The judge listed six documents or pieces of evidence that prosecutors failed to turn over before trial, including reports on an FBI surveillance camera posted outside the Bundy ranch and documents that identified U.S. Bureau of Land Management snipers outside the ranch.

She also cited an FBI log with entries that noted “snipers were inserted” and on standby outside the Bundy home, at least four threat assessments that indicated the Bundys likely wouldn’t use violence and that the Bureau of Land Management was antagonizing the family, and an internal affairs document on the lead BLM agent Dan Love that said there were no documented injuries to desert tortoises by cattle grazing on the federal land.

The judge gave the prosecution and defense until December 29 to provide a brief on whether there should be a new trial or if it should be a mistral “with prejudice” …which would mean the defendants would be set free. Federal prosecutors have major egg on their face.

Also within the mistrial was the issue of the behavior of certain Federal agents, among them, BLM agent Daniel Love. It was alleged that Love carried with him a “kill book” of ranchers that died as a result of the heavy-handed actions of the BLM in which he had a part. A Whistleblower named Larry Wooten sent a memo to Andrew Goldsmith, Assistant Deputy Attorney General. You can read his memo at this link.

The issue of BLM behavior in the Bundy Ranch standoff  speaks to the level of hostility that was involved in the April 2014 standoff. BLM agent Daniel Love, whom we revealed as serious problem back in 2014 (and it cost this writer death threats and hate messages up the kazoo, in spite of our high level source), was an integral part of the militarized standoff with snipers and viciously killing Bundy cattle.

Daniel Love

“The behavior of U.S. government officials in the case was so outlandish and potentially even criminal that Congress and the Trump administration must investigate, lawmakers said. “All of these violations warrant an investigation by Congress, the Trump administration, and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke,” Washington State Representative Matt Shea, a liberty-minded Republican leader who has actively followed the case, told The New American. “These people should all be fired, if this is all borne out by the investigation, but some of these players need to be prosecuted. Special Agent Wooten alleges that the Department of Justice prosecutor knew about this, and took a ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ approach to withholding exculpatory evidence. This may expand not just into an investigation of the prosecutor, but potentially even charges against them…”

Wooten said he was told by BLM law-enforcement supervisors that BLM boss Dan Love (shown), who was a key figure in the Bunkerville showdown between the BLM and the Bundy family, had a “Kill Book.” He kept this as a “trophy” to commemorate his role in the death of various victims, Wooten said. Love, who also was accused of sending photos of his own feces and his girlfriend’s genitalia to co-workers, “in essence bragged about getting three individuals in Utah to commit suicide,” Wooten’s memo said. The out-of-control bureaucrat apparently bragged about removing evidence, as well as his ability to quash investigations into his wildly inappropriate behavior. He would tell others that “he is untouchable,” while urging his co-workers not to cooperate with investigations into his harassment, abuse, and even potential criminal activity.

Daniel Love is currently under investigation for another matter: stealing exculpatory evidence from a crime, according to the Las Vegas Sun. He is accused of taking expensive stones that were supposed to be evidence, and “handing them out like candy” to his friends.

Federal prosecutors have failed to win convictions in other Bundy-related cases several times.

MSN reported,

“Prosecutors also failed to win full convictions against others at the Nevada standoff the tense confrontation near Bunkerville, about 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas.

Six men who acknowledged carrying assault-style weapons faced a trial and a retrial. Two were acquitted, two were convicted of some charges and two are free after pleading guilty to misdemeanors to avoid a third trial. None was found guilty of conspiracy.”

If the government wishes to go through the trial process again for the defendants, it’s going to be expensive. And in the meantime, perhaps some of the prosecutors and BLM “witnesses” should face charges themselves.

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