Mistaken Identity – Philadelphia Antifa Attacks Anti-Trump Protester

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In a case of mistaken identity, Philadelphia Antifa attacked one of their own because they thought he was a Trump supporter. Antifa went to Clark Park in West Philadelphia to “protest” a Proud Boys rally (that never happened).

The Setup

A flyer circulated in West Philly that a “Philadelphia Proud Boys” rally was to take place on September 19 at Clark Park.

The Philadelphia Tribune reported,

The flyer contained no phone numbers, emails or other contact information. The Philadelphia Proud Boys group did not immediately return an email seeking comment.

Councilwoman Jamie Gauthier, who represents District 3 where the park is located, said in a tweet that her office has received a high volume of calls for a rally in Clark Park on Saturday being promoted by a “known white nationalist hate group,” but did not mention the group.

Gauthier said the group selected the location and time “in order to maximize tensions and create a spectacle.” She condemned the unnamed organization and its “plans to bring this outright hatred to West Philly.”

September 19 

Into this expectation of trouble comes Antifa. The expected Proud Boys rally never came to pass. Antifa is always willing to start trouble in their violent, anarchist ways and it doesn’t matter to them who they target. Even if they target their own.

philadelphia antifa

Black bloc damaged the side panels of this SUV in addition to smashing the windows. Screenshot via Elijah Schaffer

Elijah  Schaffer reported:

BREAKING: a protester comes alongside creator @realJamesKlug with a bat and hits the ground next to him with force The crowd then turns on the man and confuses him for being a Trump supporter, calling him a Nazi They proceeded to destroy his car with hammers as he escaped.

The “protester” walked with his face to the crowd as they chased him to his vehicle.

Here’s the next installment:

BREAKING: Antifa mistakingly attacks an Anti-Trump protester calling him a Nazi Destroys his car while he tried to escape after he tried to assault content creator @realJamesKlug  w/ a bar. A dog is in the back, clearly terrified, & barks as black bloc smashes his windows.

When the Proud Boys failed to materialize in the anticipated rally, Antifa decided to attack whomever they wanted. They just happened to pick an anti-Trump protester. This is a lesson for those who think Antifa is just “anti-fascist.” They are a violent communist group that will attack anyone.

The West Philly council was giddy with joy that the Proud Boys rally didn’t happen and announced that their proposed rally actually caused them to stand together against the “fascists.” (West Philly Local)  Sure. Delusional, once again. Antifa proved them wrong, but of course no one reports that part.

Featured photo: screenshot via Elijah Schaffer video


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