Missouri Poised to Become Constitutional Carry State

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Missouri Poised to Become Constitutional Carry State

A bill sent to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon on Friday would give Missourians the right to carry concealed weapons without a license. But will the Democrat Governor sign it?

The bill passed the Missouri legislature along party lines. The Senate passed it  24-8 and the House passed it 114-36 at the “11th hour” just before the close of the session. If the governor refuses to sign it (which is very possible), they will have to work to override his veto in September.


Will Missouri’s Governor sign the Constitutional Carry legislation?

Stand your ground/Castle Doctrine

The bill also includes a part that gives Missourians their first “stand your ground” legislation. It would be the newest “stand your ground” state since 2011. It also expands the castle doctrine to include guests or babysitters who defend the home against intruders. Solid, common sense legislation that seems to be always opposed by liberals.

“Stand your ground” means that you have no “duty to retreat” when someone attacks. Unlike a certain airport in Chicago that tells its police officers to run and hide during an active shooter situation, it means that you can actively engage a bad guy if they  are lawfully present.

Rep Jered Taylor, R-Nixa, had also inserted a portion into the bill to allow concealed carry on campuses, but it was stripped from the final bill.

The opposition

Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety has lobbied hard to stop these types of legislation throughout the United States. In several areas, they have miserably failed.

That Missouri passed this bill in spite of the pressure, and the Ferguson riots is amazing.

Democrats vehemently opposed the bill saying it ‘would not make Missouri safer,’ which is the standard line of all liberals in every state.



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