Missing Marine Found Stuffed in a Barrel

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Detroit, Michigan, Missing Marine – Douglas Calhoun, 39, served in the United States Marine Corps.When he got out, he became a chef. The locals affectionately called him “Chef Doug.” But on June 1, 2017, he disappeared. His body was found stuffed in a barrel on July 7.

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Chef Doug was out with friends on June 1, and safely arrived home at around 3:30 a.m.. He called a friend to let him know he had gotten home safely. The friend told Calhoun’s sister, Dayna Philips, that he said he was ok during the brief call.

“Just saying, ‘Okay I’m home, everything’s good. I’m going in the house and I’ll talk to you later.”

But something happened and Chef Doug was suddenly missing.  He didn’t show up for an important Catering event, nor did he show up for his flight to St Louis on that Saturday. The family reported him missing.

His car was found by the family through his GMC Acadia’s OnStar. The neighbors spotted the car with the hatch and doors open in the Brightmoor area. It was located on Thursday that week at an abandoned home on Detroit’s west side..

On Friday, June 2, there was fraudulent activity on Calhoun’s credit cards. Purchases made at liquor stores and gas stations in the area, but no sign of Doug. The family was worried sick.

Police went to his home on Monday, June 5, but found nothing out of the ordinary, according to news reports. However, if he never made it back inside the house before someone took his vehicle and harmed him, there would be nothing to see.

On July 7, his body was found stuffed in a sealed barrel at a vacant house. A person of interest has been taken into custody on an unrelated matter.

The Medical Examiner identified Chef Doug’s remains and is working to find the cause of death. As soon as more information is available, we will let you know.

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