Minnesota -Nation’s First Satanic Monument Set for Veteran’s Memorial Park

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Belle Plaine, Minnesota – On Saturday, two groups will face off over a plan to place a satanic Monument in the middle of a Veteran’s Memorial Park. This is the same park that removed a memorial of a soldier kneeling at the cross because of the “separation of church and state” after they were threatened with a lawsuit. And though it was replaced later, people are unhappy that an evil “memorial” is going near a memorial for veterans.

It is public property, and attorneys say that public property is treated differently than graves.

“It is being built by a group of Satanists out of Massachusetts, and it will be the first Satanic monument on public property in United States history.” WCCO

After people complained loud enough, the statue of “Joe” the soldier kneeling was reinstated. Then the politically correct city decided they needed a “free speech zone” in the park to hold down the noise of the controversy. So they carved out a spot for up to ten memorials and just told people that the memorials need to “honor veterans.”


The city and the satanists, are trying to use Freedom of Speech to destroy the rights of others. And the city needs to get a backbone. These groups target small towns that don’t have the resources to fight them.

The Satanic Temple or should I say the “Reason Alliance”- the nonprofit arm of the Satanic Temple – plans to put their two cents in with a square that has pentagrams on it and an upturned combat helmet.  The city approved the plan swiftly because they’re afraid of not doing so.

For its part, the temple says they are just trying to accommodate atheist servicemen and they  don’t “really worship satan.” Right. We believe that. Not.

Besides that…their “monument” is offensive and butt-ugly. They obviously cobbled it together just to satisfy the city’s “rules.”

Where are the warriors?

Some people are angry over this situation, others are more annoyed. Some have accepted the memorial. The town is mostly Christian, so why not let THAT be the rule instead of allowing outsiders to come in and spoil the remembrances of their local veterans?

Some outsiders look at this situation of caving to special interests and say ‘No Way!’

“I don’t speak for all Veterans but I speak as one, I will destroy it and blow it the hell out off this planet.” Rick Ferran USMC Veteran & Communism Survivor

That fact is that political correctness is killing America. As citizens here, we are constantly barraged by everyone’s offense over “issues” for special interests. The most INTOLERANT group of people on the planet are the left wingers who are offended when a Christian even breathes.

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