Minnesota Jihadist with a Knife, or Drunk Domestic Abuser?

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Minnesota Jihadist with a Knife, or Drunk Domestic Abuser?

Preston, Minnestoa – Ibraheem Farah Hamza Khalifa, 30, appeared in a Fillmore County Court on after being charged with one count each of 2nd degree assault with a dangerous weapon and Terroristic Threats, both felonies, and one count of misdemeanor Domestic Assault.

Domestic incident

Jihadists just can’t seem to knock off the habit of threatening people.

The Post Bulletin reported,

The latest case began Saturday, when a woman went to the Rushford Police Department and reported Khalifa made a throat-cutting gesture at her and her daughter, and displayed a knife. She was talking to Khalifa on the phone while there, the complaint says, and said Khalifa told her he would kill her and himself, and everyone in the house.

The woman was afraid to go home, court documents say, because Khalifa was there. According to the report, she told the officer she’d “end up dead if (Khalifa) came back.”

Two other adults who were present at the time of the alleged threats reported the same words and actions.


Ibraheem Farah Hamza Khalifa is in jail, but will authorities pay attention to his pattern?

Jihadist or…

According to the article, as the woman was giving her statement to police, Khalifa sent her a video of him cutting himself. Police responded, and called out his name. Khalifa recognized the officer as his neighbor and cooperated with being handcuffed.

He was treated for a wound inside of his elbow.  The officer said he smelled of alcohol. When tested, he went .12.

So is he just a drunk guy or something else?

One of the patterns of jihadists is the continual habit of threatening people- spouses, co-workers, bystanders. When contacted by police, Khalifa praised the man who committed the Dallas police shootings.

Those are not hidden problems, those are openly jihadist thoughts. It is imperative that police pay close attention to this guy and not fluff it off.

Khalifa is being held on a $20,000 bond. he is set to appear on August 1.

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