Minnesota Family Firebombed For Being Trump Supporters

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A Minnesota family possibly firebombed for their support of President Trump is picking up the pieces of their ravaged garage and vehicles. Dennis and Deana Molla had Trump flags draped over two of their vehicles at their home in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. At about 3 a.m. on September 23, they were rudely awakened by a loud boom. Dennis looked out their window in time to see three people run from the scene as their garage, family camper, and two of their trucks went up in flames. He also lost thousands of dollars of tools and equipment he used for his job as a contractor.

Dennis focused on getting his wife and children, ages 2 and 5 months, out of the home to safety. Then he managed to get their four puppies out of the smoke filled garage.

“Our family’s safe, that’s the main thing. All this is material, it’s all material. It’s not as important as our family…It just shocked me. These kind of stuff should not happen, especially over beliefs of some sort.” Dennis Molla to WCCO

Someone blocked one of the Molla’s surveillance cameras just before the blast. Police have the other footage and are using it to determine if they can find the suspects.

The Mollas purchased the 3 x 5 Trump flags after a dispute broke out at Dennis’ work over his support of President Trump.  After  they purchased the Trump flags and draped them over their vehicles, Deana said that people began driving by their house, taking pictures.

Arson investigators found the words BLM, Biden 2020, and an anarchy symbol scrawled across the remnants of their garage doors. Anarchists could care less about Joe Biden, was this a form of intimidation?

Screenshot via GoFundMe account set up by a friend of the family

“We’re just very happy to be alive, and praise God that we’re alive.” Deana Molla

According to WCCO, “Brooklyn Center police say the Minnesota Arson Reward Project is offering a $5,000 reward for information on the case. The arson hotline is 1-800-723-2020.”

Featured photo: Facebook


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  • Tracy Groom

    this is crazy

  • Juanita Lux

    Thank you for your work supporting a patriotic America!

  • RJ

    Is there a gofundme for this family?

  • BS

    Looks like the gofund me link is under the photo. Just hope gofundme doesn’t take it down.

  • Dawn Carmona

    This is so wrong. What does one think to harm someone’s Family over Politics. What happen to freedom of choice & freedom of speech.So if one suppirt Trump or any other candidate These ppl come & intimidate you. Are we becoming a Country of Do as I say or pay. Now more than ever ppl must see how evil The left has gone I been a Democrat for yrs. No more I don’t like what it become

  • J.P.

    I had trouble in Mana Meal in Charleston WV just for saying I was glad Mr. Trump won last election to a former friend Christian Gamos of the west side of Charleston WV . This former employee of Mana Meal Charleston WV I’ll call her as some did “little Queenie” this black drug addict lied and sicked her drug dealing punks on me and then lie to judge Rabbit who refused a jury trial in her kangaroo court ! ( I helped beat Tabbit for her supreme Court try ) ? it’s totally corrupt the whole lot of em are crooked ! This family sees how EVIL this system is ! Need the death sentence reintroduced and mr. TRUMP needs a second term not BLM ANTIFA backers like Biden etc. Vote Sanity vote Trump ! Renegade

  • J.P.

    I agree ? these thugs are why many need locking up permanently or reintroduce the death penalty also permanently ! Thanks. Renegade

    • Stephen Bennett


  • Lenard Ringo

    We must fight back.

  • Jen

    Terrible that that happened… prayers for that family and I do hope they catch those scum bags!!!!!!

  • Scharlene Betzold

    I’m so very sorry for this family and for this horrific act of insane violence against them. I thank God that they all made it out safely!
    Why are some Democrats so very sick and evil minded?? I just don’t understand what has happened to our America??
    All because of thier political affiliation!!
    I am blessed to live in Nebraska, a nice quiet neighborhood and city, where this crap isn’t going on!
    I voted for President Trump in 2016, and will again this Dec.3rd.
    I pray that these DISGUSTING people are caught and held accountable!! If it’s up to the Dems tho, they’ll probably get away with it!! ???

    • Donna Dooley

      You meant Nov 3rd, right? You had Dec. 3rd.

  • Anita Welge

    Dear Deana Molla, I am so sorry for your family being persecuted by hate crime! I also had my car vandalized for having a Trump bumper sticker on it! This just shows how far people will go to hurt other’s! This is America where demonstrating political views are not being respected. I also have a Trump flag but I am afraid to put it on my lawn! God will judge these idiots, and I pray your family will not be harmed anymore! More than ever we need Trump to win the election! Prayers for you from me in Fletcher,Oklahoma. Take care, Anita Welge.

  • Me

    Voting for Biden is voting for the devil.

  • Barb

    May God bring this family strength and healing, in Jesus’ name, Amen!
    Faye, Thank you for all that you do to keep us informed!!
    God’s blessings to you all and may God Bless American Again!

  • Jenney

    Its ok for dumorats to condemn any and all groups that do NOT support their agenda but god forbid another group that does NOT stand for their agenda stands up to them. This is exactly why at this point other groups will be brought in whether we support them or not……..to take on people like this who would do this kind of crap. The dumorats have promoted terror and destruction and when us “little people” cannot take action then the “groups nobody wants” around will be stepping up to take it for us. Enough is enough of the dumorats terror.Enough of the dumorats support THEIR terror groups like BLM and Antifa while the rest of us stand down waiting!

  • Kevin Bertsch

    Sadly, this family is not the only one targeted by BLM because if their political beliefs and patriotism. It’s happening here in Port Charlotte, Fl as well.


  • Danny

    Find the lowlife cowards , they come in packs and cage them , just make sure the cell is really hot , these worthless dirtbags could have also hurt or killed neighbors too , but they dont care

  • Gerald

    This is NOTHING, wait until Trump gets reelected. There will be THOUSANDS of Soros and Socialist led burnings and killings EVERYWHERE in the U.S. Get prepared!!!

  • Susan Edwards

    I dont see Republicans setting fire to democrats

  • Chris Schiller

    Fake News. Paid For By The Republican Party. Setup.
    Look Inti This Before You Think You Know…..
    Just Saying

    • Mary

      Fake news ???? Wake up! Can’t you see what kind of people you’re supporting? You’re so blind.

  • Kmf

    There is no way I’d put a sign in my yard or sticker on my vehicle because of this. They are cowards who will wait until you are away to destroy what you have. I will wear a shirt or hat and dare anyone to say something about it. Face to face, they are weak.

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