Minneapolis Robberies and Beatings Net 16 Arrests

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A rash of Minneapolis robberies and beatings netted 16 arrests. The violence with which suspects stole cell phones and other items is horrifying to watch after videos of some of the crimes were released. All the while, the city council worries about hiring more police officers.

Here is one incident:

In 2018, there were 156 robberies in downtown Minneapolis. This year there have been 240. KARE received three videos of unprovoked beatings in the downtown area.

Back in July, a scientist from Georgia, Aleksandre Sambelashvili, 42, was beaten so badly that he died on August 23. A 28 year old unnamed suspect was arrested on the 23rd, but the incident on 5th street was not disclosed until three weeks later, according to the Star Tribune.

Mayor Jacob Frey believes they need more officers.

“We want officers out there on the street walking the beat, preventing some of these serious crimes before they take place to begin with.” Mayor Frey

But the council disagrees. They appear to be more concerned about whether the police will target vagrants than whether they will stop crime.

While Chief Medaria Arradondo wants to hire 400 more officers by 2025, the Mayor said it’s unlikely that the council will agree to that number. So for now they’ve set the new hires at 14. A survey on Monday showed that the people of Minneapolis agree with the Police Chief.

The 16 people arrested over a period of three days for the violent cell phone robberies ranged in age from 13-25. The juveniles names have not been released.

The adults:

Boris Likuwa Lusmbo, 20, was charged with first-degree aggravated robbery and faces up to 20 years in prison.

 Adrian Jamal Cooper, 25,  later allegedly admitted to hitting the man for calling him a ‘b****,’ and boasted that the victim was ‘not that strong.’

Antonio Kolli Morrow, 21, allegedly told detectives he took the victim’s wallet from another suspect, and slipped it into his own pocket.

Jamar Shamar Robinson, 20, was charged with first-degree aggravated robbery and third-degree riot. (Names from The Daily Mail).

The victims have been alone, and overwhelmingly outnumbered. Some reports say that the victims were all ‘drunk,’ but that has not been  proven. Police stated that there have only been three robberies since the arrests were made, which is a huge drop. All of this violence was to steal a cell phone, a few dollars, and beat the snot out of the person who owned them.

Featured photo: screenshot via KARE 11.


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  • william

    Liberals, own it! this is why we will NEVER give up our guns!

  • Timothy

    However, the alleged perpetrators should be given due consideration in the courts. What was happening to incite them? No doubt they are really good boys and trying to turn their lives around. Just wanting to be good fathers for their kids and all of the children’s mothers. Those alleged victims should acknowledge their privileged lives and try to be more understanding. Cuz’ Words are violent too.

  • factscount

    How is this not a racial hate crime? There are a dozen Blacks beating on one defenseless White. WTF.

  • Observer

    For God’s sake, even the Zulus were not this violent. This is CLEARLY a hate crime. Sharpton – where are you???

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