Minneapolis Mayor Kicked Out of BLM Rally

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When Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey tried to participate in a rally against police brutality over George Floyd’s death, activists demanded he disband the police department. When he refused, they flipped him off and banished him from the rally. The crowd even marched to his house to demand the police be disbanded.

“Get the F*** Outta Here!

One protester confronted the Minneapolis mayor, demanding a yes or no response to the question:

“We have a yes or no question for you.  Yes or no, will you commit to defunding the Minneapolis Police Department?

We don’t want any more police, is that clear? We don’t want people with guns in our communities, shooting us down. Do you have an answer? It is a yes or a no.” BLM protester

That simply meant they want control over everyone else that lives in Minneapolis. When Mayor Frey finally had a moment to respond after being pushed to say what they wanted, he said, “I do not support abolishing the Minneapolis Police Department.”

So they told him to “get the f*** outta here,”  as multiple people shouted, “Go home, Jacob, go home.” He left the rally.

Minneapolis Mayor Frey has been under fire from both Democrats and Republicans for his handling of the riots. His own city council has been pushing the idea of disbanding the police department, which is a foolish thought at best. The young Democrat Mayor tried placating the crowd and the crowd turned on him. No surprise there.


The University of Minnesota severed ties with the Minneapolis PD because the “police department is murdering black men with no meaningful repercussions.”  Being arrested for murder isn’t “meaningful,” apparently. They will no longer use the MPD for security at sporting events (Sports Illustrated ).

The Minneapolis Public School Board terminated their relationship with the police department’s school resource officers.  Chairwoman Kim Ellison said, “I value people and education and life. Now I’m convinced, based on the actions of the Minneapolis Police Department, that we don’t have the same values.” ( Star Tribune)

She thinks it’s “unnatural” to have police in schools. It’s unnatural to have school shootings, but they’re real too.

The protester who confronted Mayor Frey said they didn’t want ‘people with guns who shoot them down.’ But Minneapolis/St Paul have serious gang activity, and that’s the main cause of gun violence in the Twin Cities. Factions of gangs have split, “evolved,” removed hierarchies, and in general created a bloody mess across both cities. (Star Tribune).  Removing the police department entirely would be a terrible choice.

The Minneapolis Mayor has some important choices before him. Councilman Steve Fletcher wants to disband the police to get a “peaceful” community”. Jacob Frey sees a different path – working on training  and changes within the department. Who they hire, and the requirements for same should be the first place to start.

There ARE problems within the Minneapolis PD, as evidenced by the number of complaints for brutality on their force (18 for Derek Chavin alone). Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey should grow a backbone if he really wants to be the Mayor of a diverse city. Being flipped off and ejected from a black activist rally are the least of his concerns.


Featured photo: Screenshot @CTUL_TC / Twitter


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  • Tony

    I guess he’s lucky that they didn’t kill him.
    Hate filled savages

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