Minneapolis Looting After Homicide Suspect Kills Himself

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Minneapolis looting erupted on Wednesday night, not because a police officer shot a Black person, but because a Black homicide suspect committed suicide. The looting and rioting occurred after false rumors of another police shooting spread on social media. Police never fired a shot. The Mayor extended a curfew over the city, and the National Guard was requested.

One reporter, Courtney Godfrey noted:

“Looting in downtown Minneapolis. Haskell’s liquor store and Medical Arts building included. This is all linked to alleged suicide of suspect in earlier homicide. Crowds down here were convinced he was shot by police.”

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported,

The man who died, who was Black and has not been identified, was wanted for the slaying of another man earlier that day in a downtown Minneapolis parking garage. He was on foot at 8th Street and Nicollet Mall at 6 p.m. When police pulled up, the suspect ducked into a doorway and shot himself in the head while onlookers scrambled away.

The event was captured on city surveillance video, which police released within 90 minutes. The video confirms the police account of what happened and shows the man glancing over his shoulder before pulling out the gun and firing, then collapsing to the ground as a half-dozen witnesses ran away with their hands in the air. The officers, one of whom had his gun drawn, ordered a remaining witness away and kicked the suspect’s gun away before trying to revive him with chest compressions…

…Immediately after the suicide, a hostile crowd swiftly grew into the hundreds as police tried to cordon off the area and form a perimeter. As darkness fell, most of the crowd was peaceful, but some broke out the windows of Nordstrom Rack, while others tried to enter Target as the security gates closed. Officers occasionally sprayed a chemical deterrent and arrested a few people attempting to loot the Foot Locker. An activist walked through the crowd with a megaphone attempting to calm the crowd, saying, “We have the video. The man killed himself.”


“Most of the crowd was peaceful”

‘Peaceful shoppers?’ The video was taken down by police after feedback from the public on its “graphic nature.” The officers were wearing body cams, but police stated they will not release those videos yet.


So meanwhile, the riots and looting began in Minneapolis. Saks 5th Avenue was looted, and it appeared that officers were deployed inside the store toward the end of their rampage. The Nicollet Mall was “destroyed” according to witnesses.

The Mayor extended the curfew to Thursday night, and the Minnesota State Police were to be deployed to help quell any more violence.

“Minneapolis, it’s time to heal. We must rebuild and recover. Dangerous, unlawful behavior will not be tolerated. The State Patrol is headed to Minneapolis to help restore order. I remain in close contact with the city and every state resource stands ready to help bring peace.” Governor Tim Walz


Featured photo: screenshot via Twitter of looters at Saks 5th Avenue @zerosum24


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