Milwaukee Erupts After Shooting of Armed Man

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Milwaukee Erupts After Shooting of Armed Man

Update: Milwaukee police were in possession of a still photograph from the officer’s body camera that clearly showed the suspect had a gun in his hand. The Mayor asked for the body camera footage to be quickly shared with the public.

The final arrest count from the incident was 18. One woman was shot during the riots, but her injuries were not life-threatening, according to Fox News.

Original story:

Violence broke out after Milwaukee police fatally shot a man who ran from the scene after a traffic stop. Police said he was shot in the chest and arm, and it was unclear at this time whether the man pointed his gun at the officer. It touched off rioting and looting by approximately 100 protesters.

The trigger

Milwaukee police stopped two suspects at about 3:30 p.m. on Saturday. The two suspects fled on foot, with officers in pursuit. One of the suspects was armed with a semi-auto handgun that had been stolen in a burglary. He was shot by an officer. He died at the scene.

The suspect, 23, and had a lengthy arrest record, according to the Milwaukee Police. The 24 year old officer has been placed on administrative leave until after the investigation – he was wearing a body camera, according to the police Chief.

No names have been released as of this writing.


Milwaukee erupted in violence a short time later. Looting began in some areas as well. One police car was torched, another had its windshield  smashed.

Crowds threw objects at police as they told them to disperse. A journalist from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel was pushed to the ground and punched. Traffic lights were bent over and bus shelters overturned.

A gas station and auto-parts store were set on fire. Milwaukee firefighters were unable to put out the gas station fire due to the gunshots being fired in the area.

Screenshot 2016-08-14 07.08.32

Screenshot from video of gas station fire

By Sunday morning things were starting to calm down.

Fox News reported,

At a news conference just after midnight, Barrett said the situation appeared to be calming after a riotous scene in which as many as 100 protesters skirmished with police, torching a squad car and tossing a brick through the window of another. Police mounted at least two efforts to push the protesters out of an intersection at the heart of the violence.

Other leaders blamed the Black Lives Matter movement for igniting the violence.

Black Lives Matter has “stoked hysteria,” Bishop E.W. Jackson told “Fox & Friends” Sunday.  “A mass hysteria has taken grip” and President Obama has made it worse by embracing the BLM movement, Jackson said.

He added: The BLM movement works on the false premise “police are out hunting down black men.” They are “using race as a way of avoiding responsibility,” Jackson said.

Three people were arrested. There are others involved, however, and they are also inciting violence by using the Black community for their agenda.

This is Bassem Masri, who assisted in inciting violence in Ferguson and beyond. Note the shirt. Photo via ajc.

This man, Bassem Masri,  was involved in the Ferguson riots. His narrative feeds the crowd’s anger. He basically incites the people to riot. He’s a Palestinian Muslim, by the way. And he strongly believes that rioting works to change the focus of the governments.


Milwaukee police photo of one of the damaged squad cars

A few of the Tweets from the incident reflect the chaos of last night’s rioting.

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