US and UK Armies Looking to Recruit Millennials

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The British Army has begun searching for recruits among “phone zombies,” “snowflakes,” and  millennials. The United States Army is looking to find recruits in left leaning cities where youth don’t know much about the military. Can the militaries of both countries overcome the selfishness of generations that don’t have a clue about service to the country?

Both the British Army and the US Army fell short of their recruitment goals last year. Note: The US Marine Corps and US Navy met theirs.

US Army

The US Army fell short of the goal by about 6,500 recruits, National Guard by 12,000 and the Army Reserves by 5,000. They plan to start recruiting in places like Boston, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and other large metropolitan cities that are traditionally blue.

Which could be problematic. Thus far, only “about 30 percent of 17- to 24-year-olds meet the physical, mental and moral requirements for the military, and only one in eight is interested in serving.” 

They also must worry about making mistakes in choosing recruits- last time the big push ended up with recruits with misconduct waivers, which caused a giant headache for Army leadership – disciplinary problems abounded.

British Army

But America’s Army is not alone: the British army also fell short in recruitment goals. Of an British Army’s goal of 82,500, they’ve only managed 77,000. So they’ve launched a campaign aimed at…well have a look:

British recruitment posters

The campaign posters are modelled after the WWI posters that said “Your country needs you.”

“The army sees people differently and we are proud to look beyond the stereotypes and spot the potential in young people, from compassion to self-belief.” British Army Major General Paul Nanson 

Sort of reminds us of US leadership hoping to find talent in blue metropolitan areas. Surely there are millennials with the kind of talent these militaries are looking for?

But in all of this, one question remains: is it a good idea? While we laugh at the stereotypes and their foibles, the fact is that few actually complete their training. The British National audit office stated that 47% of recruits dropped out of the process. They stated it was because of the long lag time – up to a year- between applying and starting the training.

The cost of training a US Army recruit is around $50,000-$72,000. UK young recruits are much higher in training costs than adult recruits: about $111,000+ compared to half that for adults. If they fail or do not complete the training, it’s pricey.

We hope that both armies will be able to find solid recruits to defend the nations.


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