Militia Group Detains 300 Illegals at Border; Left Loses Their Minds

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Militia groups have operated at the US southern border for years. But when the United Constitutional Patriots detained around 300 illegals in New Mexico, the ACLU threw a fit and demanded an investigation. New Mexico threw a fit and told them not to arrest any illegals because “regular citizens don’t have the authority to arrest anyone.”

That’s not true. We live in the United States of America. Though we have ceded the authority to “arrest” people mostly to police, there exists a common law right to detain people for the authorities.

Has New Mexico Governor Lujuan Grisham ever heard of a citizen’s arrest? Apparently not. But the militia only detained them, they didn’t cuff ’em and stuff ’em as the cliche goes. They only held them until the Border Patrol arrived (wgno).

And OMG they were armed! Liberals are pushing that one to the limit. But a woman in the video specifically told the men not to point their guns at the migrants.

The United Constitutional Patriots have been operating in the area for a long time. Their purpose is to be “eyes and ears” for the Border Patrol. In other words they normally just notify the CBP when they see people in places they aren’t supposed to be. But in recent months, the volume of illegals coming across the border has increased to the point that they detained a large group of people at gunpoint. It was sufficient to halt the illegals’ planned entry into the US.

The ACLU stated,
The Trump administration’s vile racism has emboldened white nationalists and fascists to flagrantly violate the law. This has no place in our state: we cannot allow racist and armed vigilantes to kidnap and detain people seeking asylum. We urge you to immediately investigate this atrocious and unlawful conduct.”

The Governor also stated: “these individuals should not attempt to exercise authority reserved for law enforcement.”

Newsflash: First, Trump is not “Racist.” It’s also not “unlawful” to detain someone for authorities. If that were true, no shoplifter could ever be held by loss prevention personnel. No citizens could EVER hold a suspect at the scene of crime until police arrive. It happens ALL THE TIME. The ACLU and New Mexico Governor are likely barking up the wrong cactus. It’s not kidnapping, either.

Maybe the King should have tried that argument against the colonists’ militia in 1775. ‘You can’t exercise authority over powers reserved for the crown.’ Think it would have worked? Nah. It wouldn’t, it didn’t.

So let’s ask this question: What proof does the ACLU have that the militia are “racist”? They call everyone racist. Are they actually “vigilantes” or are they attempting to assist law enforcement? Would the ACLU rather they let them all go? Yes, that appears to be the case.

This is a video from the detention of the migrants. There are hundreds of them. “Holy Moley, they’re still coming! Call the Border Patrol!”

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  • nicholas


    • Mary Kelly

      If it was in China North Kotea Iran Russia. They all be shot dead in site. Americans are tired those people trying to tell us how govern our country

    • Keith slocum

      Good for you people, let’s put a citizens arrest on Obama and Clinton ,how do i join

  • Anthony

    They should’ve rounded them up put them on the bus and taking them directly to San Francisco told them all to get off and drive away

  • Scottdriver

    Thanks for the full story. Thanks to the Militia group also.

  • Russ

    Good Work.

  • Steve Salem

    I live in New Mexico and the governor is nuts. They’ve made Albuquerque and Santa Fe sanctuary cities. Can’t wait for Albuquerques crime rate to sky rocket, already one of the highest in the nation, when all those detainees get released in our cities. We don’t have enough jobs for the people who are already here.

  • Dan Handy

    They did exactly what a group like that should have done. Great job brothers

  • Elizabeth

    I am so glad that someone is stepping up to protect our America. I realize the Border Patrol can only do so much with what they have. This is insane, how many were criminals in that group?

    • Rocco

      How many criminals in a group of ILLEGAL ALIENS detained at the border……hmmmmmm…..illegal… the border. Aliens ummmmm OH NYEEEAH EVERY LAST FUCKING ONE OF EM DUUUUH LOL whyTF does EVERYBODY seem to KEEP MISSING THAT WHOLE “HERE ILLEGALLY AS IN WITHOUT PERMISSION UNWANTED UNWELLCOME ETC.” PART OF THE WHOLE STORY. its like selective hearing.

  • Taino

    Time for more Americans to join in the defense of our borders and our freedoms. Congress is no longer working to safeguard them.

  • Alex french

    Good on them border patrol needs all the help they can get now a days

  • Jeff

    God bless that militia!!!
    I’d advise everyone to join a good state militia

  • Ron Bellis

    Let them in, give them everything they don’t deserve and screw the hard working Americans. We will have justice our own way. The government is failing us so let’s do it and do it right. Show all what America is about. Kick ass and take names.

  • bob

    aclu sucks.

  • Kathy

    Send the “asylum seekers” straight to the sanctuary cities or to homes of the members of the ACLU if they wait them here so bad. Let THEM provide, food, shelter, clothes and all the other hand outside these people expect. Oh no wait…. idiot Pelosi said that was”unbecoming”. I say TOO BAD!!

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