Military Panel Finds Jason Brezler Could Stay in the Marines

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It’s been an on again-off again fight for Maj Jason Brezler, who used his personal email to send classified information overseas to Marines in order to warn them about a corrupt police official, Sarwar Jan. He has alternately been kicked out and allowed to stay. But as of last week, a military panel has ruled that Brezler should be allowed to continue serving.

Stripes reported:

“The new determination by a panel of three Marine colonels last week marks the second time that a board of inquiry has reviewed the case. A board of officers found in December 2013 that the Marine Corps should end Brezler’s career, prompting him to sue the service and allege that he was being punished for communicating with a member of Congress, Rep. Peter King, R.-N.Y., about the incident…

… A worksheet detailing the board’s findings obtained by The Washington Post shows that the three colonels substantiated a failure on Brezler’s part to “properly discharge the duties expected of an officer of his grade” and obey a regulation that requires classified information to remain on “official premises.”

But the panel unanimously declined to substantiate other allegations, including a dereliction of duty, paving the way for Brezler to potentially continue serving.”

For his part, Marine Reservist Jason Brezler loves the Marine Corps. He never wanted to leave it, and has been in a fight to stay in the service. Though the Navy Department can reject the findings of the military panel, they typically do not do so.

It is unclear what rank and pay grade he will be allowed to have after the military panel ruling. It’s also unclear what kind of reception he will face from his peers and command. But he is excited.

“I am grateful beyond words for the opportunity to once again serve as a United States Marine. I love the Marine Corps, am committed to its Marines and mission, and can’t wait to contribute again.” Jason Brezler

You can read more about this case here.


Featured photo: File photo of Brezler and Sarwar Jan supplied by friends of Jason Brezler


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