Military Facilities Issue Threat Warnings Over Joker Movie

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The Joker Movie has been causing waves around the country with what promises to be a dark outlook. Some military facilities have issued warnings that it could spawn violence after receiving “chatter” from the dark web about a mass shooting during the movie.

Funker530 reported,

Recently, the Air Force amn/nco/snco Facebook page published a supposedly leaked memo from the Army Criminal Investigation Command to commanders at Fort Sill, Okla. highlighting a “valid” threat regarding a planned mass shooting at an undisclosed theater for the Oct. 4 premier of “Joker.” CID later confirmed the authenticity of the memo to Stars and Stripes.

CID based the memo on intel they received from the Texas Joint Crime Information Center. A Texas-based law enforcement agency, working with the FBI, had discovered “disturbing and very specific chatter on the dark web” about a planned mass shooting for the Joker premier.

In a separate instance, an unconfirmed leaked memo at Hurlburt Field, an Air Force installation in Florida, laid out a somewhat satirical, yet realistic, threat matrix for “How Not To Die During Joker.”

The stamp FOUO means “For Official Use Only.” Hurlburt Field may be using a satirical humor to make sure the information is passed.

CID issued the warnings based on a memo from the Texas Joint Crime Information Center. Military installations sometimes issue warnings from civilian sources, but not always in major incidents. In the past they has issued warnings based upon such things as the “Momo challenge” which turned out to be a hoax. In this case, a person at the center told Stripes that the threat was “valid” but gave no specific location. Usually these kinds of threats are not major matters.

Could someone truly be planning a mass shooting at the premier of the joker movie? Only time will tell.


Featured photo: Screenshot of Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker, via Warner Brothers final movie trailer


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