Military Bases Named After Confederates- One Lawmaker Wants to Rename Them all

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In the great penchant to erase all of American history, one lawmaker, Rep Yvette Clarke, has introduced the “Honoring Real Patriots Act of 2017.” The law would require the Defense Department to rename every single military base and street named after  Confederates.

Ignorance about the Civil War is rampant, and about to get far worse if we continue to erase all memory of it.

Robert E. Lee, for example, was a brilliant man. People have called on West Point to strip his name from their academy, in spite of the fact that he graduated from there, and passed through it without one single demerit.


The Army recently rejected the request to rename the streets at Fort Hamilton in a letter written to Yvette Clarke and other New York Congressmen who requested the change. Which is likely why she came up with a bill.

The streets at Fort Hamilton — General Lee Ave. and Stonewall Jackson Drive — honor fighters who were “an inextricable part of our military history.

 After over a century, any effort to rename memorializations on Fort Hamilton would be controversial and divisive. This is contrary to the Nation’s original intent in naming these streets, which was the spirit of reconciliation.” Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff Diane Randon 

The Poll: Leave the names alone

What does our military think about renaming the military bases and their streets? A poll conducted by the Army Times revealed this out of 14,000 responses:

70% support the Confederate names, 9% didn’t care, and 21% wanted the change.


The following video has nothing to do with the military, but it is an excellent reminder of why we must remember our history and not erase it from memory.


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  • Diane

    If these people are so offended by slavery how about they shred the money in their wallets with the pictures of the President’s who owned slaves? I don’t think it’s about slavery at all, I think they just want to see how far they can go!

  • Richard Schulz

    I think those who wish to change the names of places named after American veterans will stop at nothing to destroy us all. Lets reinstitute the draft, but for four years. Compulsive and all inclusive.

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