Migrant Caravans- Getting Socialist Help Along the Way

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There are upwards of 7-10k people now headed through Mexico toward the United States in migrant caravans. There are thousands more planning to start the arduous trek as well. The hurricane has not deterred them. The original organizer was Bartolo Fuentes, a former Honduran lawmaker, according to the Daily Beast.  It started with groups of 200…and mushroomed from there, thanks to a local TV station. But others along the way have been helping them.

So how do we stop an obvious invasion by thousands of migrants? The vast majority of them probably have no clue what they’re getting into, having been fed a pack of lies by those who have been helping them. Even Bartolo Fuentes reportedly denies he planned to send buses and food along the way. That’s where the Democratic Socialists and Socialist churches in the US stepped in. And that isn’t counting the criminals that people in the caravan admit are there.

Watch the above video and ask yourself where that man got an expensive Under Armor shirt.

OR take a guess where the shirt on the right in this photo came from:

Some of them carry the Honduran flag.  Someone somewhere told them that the United States would help them get jobs and ask for asylum. All of the beds at the border are full. There has been an influx of families hitting the border since August.

Many of these folks are not walking, they are riding in buses or trucks. Some of the people are wearing American shirts- and one reader remarked that a baby stroller held up in front of the camera was a top of the line expensive type.

There are a lot of people assisting this caravan of misery – but they are being used. The lure of free money, the lure of jobs…it’s a fool’s mission.

  • John Warner

    Look I would love to see RAZOR wire and ALOT OF IT PUT IT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RIVER SOMEHOW get as many water cannons as we can prefobly Mobil got all the water we need right there not to mention we have those sound devices on humvies fucking turn them up on high and STOP this INVASION if all this does not stop them the start shooting them if not than let we the people defend our own boarders I for one WILL SHOOT ALL OF THEM these rapists and murders can’t cross

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