Migrant Caravan Departs Mexico City, Bound for US Border

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The migrant caravan, now at around 6,000 people, has departed Mexico city with the help of numerous vehicles, and is on its way to the US border. The migrants were loaded into cattle cars, stuffed inside industrial conduits, and crammed into every inch of numerous trucks and cars. The UN failed to send buses, so other vehicles provided the help, although many of the people are still on foot.

USA Today reported,

The UN said in a statement Friday that it was accompanying the caravan and supporting the Mexican government with processing asylum claims, but it was not in a position to provide transportation because it was the responsibility of government authorities.

“The UN turned their backs on us worse than anyone,” Pérez said.

President Donald Trump has vowed that the caravan will not cross into the United States and has ordered the deployment of up to 15,000 troops to the border ahead of its arrival. Many in the caravan didn’t seem dissuaded by Trump’s threats, nor plans announced Thursday to limit asylum requests to only those presenting themselves at an authorized port of entry – with those crossing into the country illegally being subject to detention and expedited deportation…

…The first caravan’s progress into the heart of the country has encouraged more caravans to form. Two caravans traversing southern Mexico merged as one after arriving in the town of Matías Romero, some 415 miles from Mexico City, according to Mexican media reports. 

All photos screenshots via Fox Carolina

Never fear, it appears that other people are providing transportation since the UN didn’t do it.

In case you missed that, Human Rights organizations and the UN are  monitoring the caravan. This is not an “organic” situation, as we have previously reported. It was funded and organized by not only socialists in Venezuela, but those who wanted to harm Trump in the US and UN. It is unconscionable that leftists would subject these people to an arduous journey just to spite the US President. They are laughing. We are not.

This Fox Carolina video was live and is over 3 hours long.



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