Midlothian, Texas -Armed Citizen Scares off Possible Carjackers

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Midlothian, Texas –  Mike Panther was sitting in his car outside a Brookshire’s Grocery store waiting for his wife on Saturday. Two people approached and one climbed in his car. Mr. Panther pointed his .40 gun at them, and the two suspects fled. Of course there was a little more to it than that.

Fox4 reported,

Panther was at the Brookshire’s in Midlothian and was waiting in the car in the parking lot while his wife went inside. That’s when he saw two people, later identified by police as 21-year-old Caleb Jefferson and 17-year-old Niyah Williams, approach. At first, Panther thought Jefferson might have been someone he knew.

“He actually said, ‘Man, I can’t believe you’re up here. I haven’t seen you in so long. What are you doing?’” he recalled.

Panther says that’s when Jefferson quickly got in the passenger seat. And that’s when the conversation took a turn.

“He comes up and tells me, ‘I’ve got a gun. I’ll blow your head off, Panther recalled. “I said, Whoa, dude.’ And he said, ‘the next words out of your mouth I’m going to send you to heaven.’ At that point, it was almost like second nature to me.

Panther, an experienced gun owner and concealed carry permit holder, reached for a bag and pulled out his 40 caliber handgun and pointed it at Jefferson.

Panther then had an answer for the remark about going to heaven.

“I said, ‘well, let’s both go together.’”

Midlothian police arrived and after a struggle, took the two into custody. They are charged with aggravated robbery and resisting arrest.

For his part, Mr. Panther says he is happy that he was the one they encountered and not someone else. Jefferson turned out to be using two fingers in his pocket to pretend to have a gun. Panther has a CCW permit, is a member of the NRA, and the Texas State Rifle Association- he knows how to use his weapon.

“At no point in that automobile did I want to shoot that young man. I think if my brain would have told me that is a handgun, I’m afraid that young man would be dead right now. And I’m just so thankful that it did not happen that way.” Mike Panther

Over the years, I’ve known several people who made similar remarks when confronting a person with a gun who was trying to rob them… most of them didn’t mention heaven. And most of them actually confronted a real gun. Jefferson and Williams have no idea how truly lucky they are to be alive.



Featured photo: screenshot via Fox4

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