Middlebury College Protesters Shut Down Political Scientist

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A protest at Middlebury College in Vermont got so far out of hand that one professor was injured and had to go to the hospital, and the speaker had to be moved to another location in order to give his speech. That wasn’t all, that was just the beginning.

Libertarian Political Scientist Charles Murray had been invited to Middlebury College by a student group. He was met by protesters who immediately turned their backs on him as he stood up to speak. But they didn’t do it quietly – they chanted and shouted, and actually proved one of his hypotheses:

“Too many people go to college.” 

After moving him to a different location and using a TV channel to allow him to be interviewed by Middlebury Prof Allison Sanger, they were whisked away to attempt to load him into an administrator’s car.

The Addison Independent reported,

As Stanger, Murray and a college administrator left McCullough Student Center last evening following the event, they were “physically and violently confronted by a group of protestors,” according to Bill Burger, the college’s vice president for communications and marketing.

Burger said college public safety officers managed to get Stanger and Murray into the administrator’s car.

“The protestors then violently set upon the car, rocking it, pounding on it, jumping on and try to prevent it from leaving campus,” he said. “At one point a large traffic sign was thrown in front of the car. Public Safety officers were able, finally, to clear the way to allow the vehicle to leave campus.

The protesters were so out of control that they grabbed Prof Stanger’s hair and jerked her neck so hard she had to go to the hospital. She returned in a neck brace.

“We will not respect a discourse or debate about free speech. These are not ideas that can be fairly debated.” Middlebury College protesters

Charles Murray is a controversial figure because of his ideas on intelligence and race.

The Free Beacon reported,

“Murray’s notoriety stems from a brief section in The Bell Curve that addressed the state of science on genes, race, and IQ. Murray and his co-author, Harvard psychology professor Richard Herrnstein, stated that IQ is partially hereditable and that the mean scores of different ethnic groups on intelligence tests differ in predictable ways. Both claims were “squarely within the consensus state of knowledge” at the time, Murray has written, citing nearly identical findings from the American Psychological Association.

Nevertheless, Murray has been labelled a “white nationalist” by left-wing advocacy groups. His work has been compared to that of racist eugenicists from the early 20th century.”

But he is by far not the most controversial person in the world, and their refusal to let him speak was just another moment when the leftist students refuse to hear anything that doesn’t match up with their fully brainwashed personal thought structure.

And they were right…they aren’t ideas that can be “fairly debated” because the protesters refuse to debate them. They’d rather shout people down, and chant them to silence in an ignorant display of hostility.

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