Michigan State Trooper Saves Life of Infant Born in Police Parking Lot

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Michigan State Trooper Ronnie Tucker has only been on the force for about 8 months. But when a couple couldn’t quite make it to the hospital  for the birth of their daughter, and the baby wasn’t breathing, he jumped into action and saved her life.

On July 23, Andrew Paielli was urgently driving his wife Jessica to the hospital at 1 a.m.. Her water broke as they neared the Michigan State Police’s Jackson post. The baby’s feet were emerging, so Andrew pulled into the parking lot of the police office to get help. But they close at 4 p.m. on weekdays, so no one answered.

The baby was born in their SUV. And she was turning blue. He handed Hanna to his wife and tried once again to get someone to no avail. So he called 911.

Trooper Ronnie Tucker sprinted from his patrol car where he was working on a domestic violence arrest report. Hanna had a pulse, but wasn’t breathing.

“Please God, just make this baby breathe somehow.” Trooper Tucker to WILX-TV

MLive reported,

Tucker, 23, a former Olympic weightlifter at Northern Michigan University, has been with MSP Jackson for eight months.

He was without his partner, who had to leave for another emergency, but he had CPR equipment in his vehicle, and he had the training he underwent in police academy.

Hanna had a pulse, but wasn’t breathing at all.

Tucker said he performed lifesaving techniques to keep the newborn’s airway open, and tried rubbing her chest for stimulation, eventually finding success.

The Paielli’s were grateful beyond words. Mr Paielli said that he was afraid more than he’s ever been in his life at the thought of losing his daughter. Trooper Tucker teared up at the sight of the little girl he helped save.

Hanna Paielli

Blue Lives Matter reported,

Trooper Tucker said that when it was clear that Hanna would survive, he looked at the father who was covered in blood and crying.

“I’m sure we’ll remain friends for the rest of our lives,” Trooper Tucker said, according to MLive. “It’s amazing. I don’t think there’s words that can describe what it feels like to see the baby actually alive and well right now. Seeing how the parents were grateful for everything. There’s no way to explain it.”

The family left the hospital on July 25 and Hanna weighed in at 9 pounds, 15 ounces.
The father said he was forever grateful for the help he received from the police.

Well done, Trooper Tucker.

Featured photos- Screenshots via MLive

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