Michigan School Gets “Safety Buckets” in Case of Shootings

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No, this is not satire. And no, the intent does not seem to be to throw the buckets at a shooter (whew). A Michigan school, Clio High School, wants to be prepared in case a school shooting happens at their facility. Hence…the “safety buckets.” They are intended to make the students feel safe.

The buckets will be filled with bandages, water, even food supplies in the event of a “long lockdown.” First aid kits are always good to have around, but this one goes several steps further in an effort to keep students from worrying about a shooting.

“When you look at our kids – my daughter goes to Clio High School. I have a high schooler. I have one in elementary, and I look at this as a parent, too. I want our students to walk in and feel like, ‘Wow, I can’t feel any safer than I do right now.'” Clio Principal Lisa Taylor

Walmart donated 144 of the buckets. The Clio Menards Hardware store is taking donations for the items to go in the buckets. There will be buckets in all of the district’s schools.

This move appears to be a psychological one to help students not be afraid during a school shooting incident. If they really get scared, they can use the buckets for a bathroom, according to the school. The school should also invest in armed security …that stops the incident so that “long term lockdowns” are not necessary.


Featured photo via Clio High School on Twitter

  • Leslie Black

    In the event of a shooting, maybe they can put the buckets over their heads, and pretend it’s not happening. That way they can “feel” safe. Right up until they get shot and die. What a GREAT idea, bureaucrats!

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