Michigan Red Cross Backed Out of Blood Drive, Because Guns.

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New Hudson, Michigan – The Michigan Red Cross backed out of a blood drive that was scheduled in Michigan even though there is a shortage of blood in the state. Why? Because it was set to be done at a gun shop. Being PC was more important to them than the shortage of blood in the region. So much for caring.

Ed Swadish is the owner of Huron Valley Guns. He wanted to do his part to help with the problem, so he contacted the Michigan Red Cross and set up the blood drive for this weekend. He made arrangement to move his showroom back so there would be plenty of room for people to sit when they gave blood. He even made up flyers that encouraged his patrons to come by and donate August 31- September 1.

Then the Red Cross backed out entirely. They at first said they’d put their bloodmobile in the parking lot. Then they called back and said they wouldn’t even do that. Because it’s a GUN STORE.

michigan red cross

The Red Cross Statement reads in part:

The American Red Cross appreciates the intent of Huron Valley Guns to hold a blood drive this weekend to help patients in need and we apologize to the blood drive sponsor and donors for the late cancellation of that drive earlier this week.

The Red Cross is committed to maintaining a weapons-free environment in which our employees and volunteers safely and securely conduct Red Cross business and fulfill its humanitarian mission. Red Cross policy prohibits staff, donors or partners from possessing, transferring, storing, selling or using weapons of any type, whether openly or concealed, at any Red Cross facility regardless of whether or not the individual or organization has a federal or state license or permit to possess the weapon.

This policy does not prohibit the Red Cross from holding a blood drive outside this location, as long as the staff, donors or partners are not possessing, storing or using weapons at the blood drive. We did not effectively communicate our policy to the blood drive sponsor, and as we began preparations to hold the drive we faced a number of logistical and promotional challenges that ultimately made it unfeasible [sic] to move forward. We are committed to improving this process as we organize drives in the future.

The assumption that law abiding gun owners are all ‘wild wild west outlaws’ who just want to kill people is absolutely nuts. The Red Cross has fallen face first into that liberal falsehood. Note that they didn’t want to promote the drive themselves because it was a “promotional challenge.” At a gun store.

Every year, one of our local gun shops holds a blood drive in their parking lot during a “Customer Appreciation Week.” Wonder how long it will be before the Red Cross yanks that one too.

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  • Charlie Spears

    I can’t think on a safer place than a gun store. OF correctness is destroying our society.

  • Charlie Spears

    I can’t think on a safer place than a gun store. Political correctness is destroying our society.

  • ed swadish

    I’m the owner of Huron Valley Guns. I would just like to clarify that I started meeting with the Red Cross in early July…at my store. It was no last minute surprise to them that we’re a gun store. Thanks, Ed Swadish

  • Brian Gibson

    Can’t it be moved to a Planned PRenthood
    parking lot?

  • Diane Cooper

    I wish the heck everyone would stay out of politics and do what they should be doing, saving lives! , Bet their donations decline,..,

  • Jay

    I wonder what they make the Police Departments do with their weapons when they host blood drives??


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